UPDATED: Hackers of Defaced DOH and DSWD Sites Stated the Obvious

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In the span of two days both the DOH and DSWD sites have been hacked and defaced. DOH got it bad because obscene images were put on the main page of the site showing current Secretary of Health Francisco Duque III blowing some penises while the DSWD site only had the banner of an Indonesian  hackers website posted on it. With everything moving into the digital age including automated voting the question popping on everyone's mind is "how secure is our Governments's Technology"

It's very obvious that these events have showed us that getting into supposedly secure government sites is easy and no one in the Government is doing anything to at least improve or tighten the security of the hacked sites. DOH's site was already hacked into about twice this month alone and that doesn't include the guys that just wanted to take a look. Even the site's administrators given that they even exist only knew about the attacks after GMAnews.tv told them about it.

Clearly someone is either not doing their job or doesn't know how to do it. Several comments around the web have been saying that they have been warning the said sites about their vulnerabilities for quite sometime now and nobody has even bothered to answer back. Now we have Indonesian hackers getting into local Government sites which should really be treated as a National concern. Who knows somebody may have already hacked into SSS.gov.ph and got all our information. I wouldn't be surprised to see another Government site fall victim to another hacker and I don't think the Government Site Administrators would know what to do. Let's hope somebody replaces those who let this happen.

Screen shots of the defaced sites:

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Techie.com.PH

Update: Seems like the alleged hacker put up his own page on DOH's domain. He has a lot of interesting stuff to say and he's really making fun of the administrators of the site, among other stuff he said he just copied and pasted. Weird thing is the admins haven't taken down the page yet or more likely don't know how to. Check it out here.