Nerrot is a No Nonsense Torrent Search Engine

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If you're easily confused with ads and other stuff popping up when  you want to search and download a torrent then new torrent search engine Nerrot might be what you need. It's the simplest and totally bare bones torrent search site on the net right now. The only thing you'll see on the site is the image posted, that's it. Check the break for our impressions and why it's both good and somewhat risky for you.

First thing's first. This is a search engine that only searches for torrents nothing else. This site won't download the file you want outright but it will download the torrent file that will get you what you want like videos, applications and even mp3's.

For guys that aren't experienced with torrents this site is going to be a big help since it will automatically download the torrent file with the best match for your keywords which has the most number of seeds and leechers or basically the fastest torrent currently available. There's nothing on the site but a clean white background with a small search box and the logo of the site. No ads no pop ups not even text to explain the site. Just type what you need and Nerrot will decide which torrent file to get based on it's popularity. This will guarantee that each torrent file you get is the most popular and the fastest currently available. Torrent newbies won't have to choose which torrent to download because Nerrot will decide which one is the best for them. Just in case you're wondering this is what you'll see when Nerrot doesn't find anything with your keywords.

Now why would Nerrot be risky? One thing we hate about torrents is fake torrents which usually ends up being a virus or malware instead of the file we need. Experienced torrent users depend on user comments to see if the torrent they are interested in is legit or safe to download. Since Nerrot has no comments and no ratings of any kind whatsoever there's no way for us to know if the torrent file would waste our time or not. I guess Nerrot assumes that the more people downloading the torrent the safer it is which is usually correct  but there are still some cases wherein this isn't true hence the risk. My advise is to scan all the files you get before doing anything with the downloaded files or try to learn how to use popular torrent sites like ISOhunt.

Don't forget to use utorrent for the .torrent files you get. It's the best in my opinion.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Nerrot