NTC Issues New Philippine Cellphone Call Rates

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has ordered new call rates which is great news for everyone in the Philippines. All cellular networks are now obliged to follow a per pulse rating system or a per six second charging of all calls.

Just to make it clear, a minute of a call would still cost Php7.50 but would be broken down depending on how long the call is. Check the break for a detailed breakdown.

All call charges would be based on a per six second basis or what the telecom companies call per pulse. Here's the breakdown:

First 12 seconds = Flat Rate of Php 3.00
Every 6 Seconds/ Pulse Until 1st Minute= Php 0.56
Per 6 Seconds/ Pulse after 1st Minute = Php 0.75

There's nothing new if you consume the whole minute of a call but since nobody really uses exactly a whole minute we save a lot. New rates are in effect since Dec. 6th for calls within the same network and would also be implemented to calls to other networks starting Dec. 16th.

Source: Inquirer.Net via TechPinas 7PAFM649M9QW