Goojje May Be Google's Long Lost Sister

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Google isn't enjoying how China's been trying to control the internet lately and because of that it's threatened to leave the country entirely. It's been sick of all the filtering and rules that really denies everyone the great experiences the web can offer. Apparently a female college student over there is tying to tell Google to stay and she has a great way to say it.

The site looks familiar doesn't it? As you can see it's called Goojje, which has a simple but subtle translation to it. Apparently it's Google's long lost sister:
The site contains very similar branding to Google, and the final syllable "jje" sounds similar to the Mandarin word for older sister (jiejie).
"Sister was very happy when brother gave up the thought of leaving and stayed for sister."
The Mandarin sound jiejie for sister doesn't actually stop with just Goojje apparently Google sounds like gege which translates to brother. Coincidence? Right now Google has no comment on the matter. Luckily we still live in a country where the internet isn't filtered.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: BBC UK