The Flash Blog Thinks The iPad Has Too Many Blue Logos

Saturday, January 30, 2010

With all the buzz about how great the iPad is one thing that seems to jump out every time someone brings up what they don't like about it is the ability to display flash content on it's browser. The image on the left is what you're going to see every time you go to a site with flash embedded on it. So is the iPad really the ultimate browsing experience? Somebody over at The Flash Blog doesn't think so.

These images were posted over at The Falsh Blog to emphasize that Adobe's Flash is part of the web and if you really want the ultimate browsing experience you really have to have it on your gadget.

I think the iPad doesn't want to have flash mainly because Steve Jobs doesn't want any of us to experience any kind of slow down due to flash based content. It's either you run it as smoothly as possible or not run it at all. But if you're willing to compromise and still buy the iPad I guess you really have to get used to that blue logo you see in all the places where flash content should be. 

Posted by Jab Escutin