McDonald's Valero Makati Has Free WiFi

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Thanks to the wonders of technology and my iPod Touch I am now officially a WiFi hot spot hunter. Wherever I go I seem to try and see if there's WiFi just waiting to be accessed. Whenever I'm waiting or have nothing else to do I just go ahead and see if my iPod Touch can detect any WiFi sources in the area I'm in, even if it were in a remote area, believe me that's how much I always want to stay connected. It's like when you check your watch just to see what time it is or when you look at your phone just to see if you have a text message waiting to be read except for me I check my iPod Touch every now and then for a WiFi spot and not just any hot spot I might add, a FREE hot spot. So there I was eating fries and burger when I saw the image you see on the left.

McDonald's Valero has FREE WiFi and it's decent not like those crappy laggy always disconnecting WiFi you get in some places, it's very much usable people. So if you're planning to stay connected and probably want a burger or fries you might want to do all that surfing in McDo Valero Makati the one near RCBC Plaza. I just hope every McDonald's branch here in the Philippines follows suit as this would be a great way to attract more business into their stores specially now that a lot of people have iPods and are very much looking for a way to at least check on their social networks.

Posted by Jab Escutin
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