TwittaBling Will Publicize Your Twitter Handle While You Walk

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You know your brand is a success when everybody starts to make stuff based on your brand or product. Just like the time when people started making speakers and docks just for Apple's iPods, you know the iPod is a huge success because a lot of companies are already riding on it. Twitter is a huge success in the micro blogging industry and everybody knows that (I hope). That's why a company called TwittaBling is making jewelry based on your Twitter handle. TwittaBling has a wide range of jewelries from rings to necklaces. They even have wedding bands to make your geek marriage complete.

From TwittaBling's about page:

TwittaBling™ offers fashion-forward Twitter™-inspired accessories such as necklaces, earrings, rings, wedding bands, and bracelets in sterling silver as well as 14k yellow and white gold. Users can customize their jewelry by choosing their Twitter handle, or a special trending topic, and by adding diamond or Swarovski crystals into their personalized fonts. In addition to choosing unique fonts and extra “bling”, customers can choose usernames in 3D or engraved formats, and customize chain length to suit their personal style.

Did I mention you can even customize your Bling with diamonds and swarovski crystals? Going to the order page and checking on the costs of having a basic @GeekPinoy necklace would set me back around $50 and would probably have shipping at around $20 then you have local taxes to worry about before it gets to your place here in the Philippines. Which would probably make it cost more than it should. From the looks of it their target market is the uber rich twitter Geeks.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: TwittaBling via TechCrunch