9 Year Old Going For His 5th Microsoft Certification

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Meet Marko Calasan of Skopje, Macedonia, he's currently nine years old and his story makes me feel good and bad at the same time. First he makes me feel good because at his single digit age he already has 4 Microsoft Certifications under his belt, kind of makes me feel bad about what I've accomplished with my double digit age. But I'm mostly glad for him with what he's achieved. Did I mention that he's currently on his way to get his fifth certification? Yup that's 5 certifications before he even gets to 10 or probably around 10. Check the break for some interview clips on this young Microsoft Certified Geek.

I honestly don't remember the first time I've used a computer in my life but I think I started using one when I was in high school. It's fairly obvious that Marko started young, he thinks he started at 3 and I'm not even sure I've tried the stuff he did back then.
What is your first memory of working with IT and computers?

Because I was too little when an interest for IT technologies was created in me and when I first started working on the computer, I do not remember when I started working on computer. But my first memory is from when I was approximately 3 years old when I was making simple actions like personalizing Windows, then installing Windows, making remote desktop connections with workstations and servers on remote locations, and so on.

I'm ashamed to say that I have no idea what kind of certificates he's talking about here. But I'm sure most of us really don't know.

What was your first major accomplishment, in your opinion, in your high tech career?

My first major accomplishment was getting my first certificate, MCP, when I had almost 7 years. After I got the certificate I did not finish there, I got my second certificate, MCDST, and so on while I got my last certificate, MCSE. Now I am making HD lessons over IPTV and I am really glad about the success which I made in the past months and years.

Kids are getting smarter and smarter each day and most of it is due to the fact that information nowadays can be easily accessed through the internet. I know I learned a lot in fixing computer related stuff and I don't feel like I really need to go to a school so I can learn what I can do now. I just tried and checked if the information is available online which most of the time it is. I wish Marko Calasan great luck in his next Microsoft Certification and I'm sure he won't stoop there.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Network World via Gizmodo