Glee Season 1 Ep. 3: Acafellas – “Confidence? Or Lack of?”

Monday, February 08, 2010

Hi Geeks! Here’s my third review for Glee. And let me tell ‘ya, this episode had confidence playing all around! Each of the characters had their own “guts” issues that were either the lowest or the highest point in their lives. Even the strongest person that we know may also be suffering from lack of confidence. Have you had any confidence issue lately?

In my count, this episode had 18 main issues with 25 sub-issues! Wanna know what these are? Read on and relate with your favorite Glee character!


Glee Season 1 Ep. 3: Acafellas – “Confidence? Or Lack of?”
Let’s start off at Schue’s house. Dinner with his parents. He couldn’t contain his excitement and he just blurted out that they're pregnant! Of course, Terri got terrified and just showed the craft room which they’ll turn into a nursery when their “so-called baby” will be born. Or should I say arrives?
Schue feels he’s not ready to be a father yet. So he turns to his father for some advice. On the other hand, his father is not that confident either. He didn’t pursue law school as he thought he wasn’t ready at all and that he couldn’t make it.
This is very natural and human. Turning to the person you look up to for some advice and hopefully to boost a little of your confidence. His father though had all the guts to admit the reason why he didn’t go to law school.

Second, there’s Rachel, being influenced by the two cheerleaders (which are Sue’s spies) and votes to get a new choreographer. The spies’ purpose is to get Dakota Stanley, the roughest choreographer there is, to break each of the members so that Glee will disband.

The two spies report to their mastermind and she agrees with the plan. Very pleased at how their doing.
Now, Rachel’s drive for success crushes Schue’s guts as she imposes for the new choreographer to take his place.

Then the guys had a get together in the teacher’s lounge to celebrated Henry’s return. Henry is another teacher in McKinley High. But due to some wood cutting accident and under the influence of some cough medicine, he accidently cut his two thumbs! Yikes! Lesson in life: if you’re already “medicinally” dozed, don’t do any strenuous activity. Translation: don’t do both at the same time and be stupid!
Anyway, the guys each shared their flaw, thinking that their own flaw is the worst among the rest. Until of course, Henry. I mean, come on, who can beat a thumbless person right? Just imagine how you’ll pick up something or even hold the spoon when you sip your soup.
This drove Sandy to sing “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow.” Then Schue, Coach Ken and Howard followed and that’s when Schue got the idea to form a “boy-band.”
Now, the pressure of coming up with a name for their group. It was Howard who said the magic word… ACAFELLAS!

The group started practicing their songs and moves. However, Sandy got kicked out as they thought the group would be creepy. Poor Sandy… He’s really creepy though, isn’t he?
Schue’s confidence is now coming back and Terri is making love to him more often this time. Poor Schue, he thinks the reason Terri is all over him is because she finds him sexy and attractive again, when in fact, Terri is desperately trying to conceive.

Next, Rachel tries to apologize to Schue for crushing his spirits. Because of his new group, Schue doesn’t spend as much time with Glee as he used to. Now Finn wants to quit Glee as he was voted out because he disagreed with everyone in hiring Dakota Stanley, the new choreographer.
Sue is soooo happy that her spies are doing great in trying to disband Glee.

Now, let’s go to Mercedes. She feels jealous of the other kids who are kissing their significant other. Her (closet) gay friend to the rescue and comfort. Which caused Mercedes to fall for him. Later, let’s see what else happened between them.

Acafellas 1st performance was a hit! They sold copies of their album and people were very pleased. They even got a spot at the parents’ assembly at the school.
Back in school, they sat down to read their reviews. Each one received a positive recognition. Except for Howard… confidence down!
Meanwhile, Sandy is so bitter that he’s not in the group. So he blackmailed the Acafellas by telling them that Josh Groban will be in the assembly and he would only be interested in watching the performance if Sandy was there. Creepy? Not yet. Hear this. Sandy shared that while doing his other strange activities, Josh Groban accidentally included him as a friend on his multiply account. And from them on, they became like pals. Or least sort of…
Sandy seems to be a nice, harmless person. But because he is so lonesome, he stalks different people whom he feels comfortable with. He has issues with “fitting in” that he gives his own interpretation to the response of the person. When, on the other hand, the person doesn’t mean to establish any deeper relation with him. Even friendship. There are some psychological studies that mention that liars, half of the time don’t realize or know that they’re already lying because in their thoughts, they form situations that works for them and that’s what they believe is the truth. Oh Sandy… Sandy… Sandy… (say that with your own tune!)

Then Glee was declined by Dakota as he has over the top professional fees and of course Glee doesn’t have that kind of budget. So what better way to raise funds than to have a fund raising – car wash!
This is exciting! Mercedes, despite of Rachel and Tina’s “gay-vention,” is still in denial. This was where she finally confronted Kurt

This is exciting! Mercedes, despite of Rachel and Tina’s “gay-vention,” is still in denial that Kurt is gay. Then she finally confronted Kurt that they should make it official that “they’re dating!” Kurt, a very surprised Kurt, blurted out that he’s in love with somebody else – referring to Finn. And when Mercedes looked, Rachel suddenly appeared! Oh Man! That was really a confident Mercedes there. I know we always see her asserting herself especially with Rachel. But this time, She really sang her heart off. With the moves that she definitely nailed, Mercedes owned the whole scene. Plus, she got to bust the windshield of Kurt’s car! Talk about catharsis!
In the meantime, Henry and Howard drops from the Acafellas, leaving Schue two new slots to fill. Puck wanted to show off his talent too. So he told his coach that he wants to be in the band. On the other hand, since Finn wanted to quit Glee – as his rep in the football team is very much affected – Schue decided to include him, filling in the second slot. The two started to practice the songs with the moves. Finn's body kinesthetically challenged, so Schue had to relate the dance movement to some sports – baseball. Being football studs, they easily got the moves.
Being a teacher is definitely not easy. You have to tailor fit the course according to the intelligence and capability of the student. Creativity is always handy in teaching. In this case, Puck and Finn easily understood the moves when it was related to a sporting movement.
Dakota’s first and only time with Glee was not successful. He provided meal guides for each member and he kicked out those whom he didn’t want. Which meant, he only left out the cheerleaders as they were simply “perfect.” The spies were happy because their plan is working just fine. But their happiness didn’t last for too long, because the Glee members stood up for each other, even Rachel. She stepped in front of Dakota and kicked him out. That was the last of him and the Glee was back!

Now, it’s the most awaited performance of the Acafellas on the parents’ assembly. They sang “I wanna sex you up!” and it was great! They got a standing ovation! A clear hit! Backstage, Finn thanks Schue for everything. Group’s confidence – over and above!

Indeed, Josh Groban was there and even gave them two thumbs up! However, he gave Sandy a restraining order and stopped him from communicating him in any way! Sandy… Rejected… Confidence – soooooo down!

Schue’s dad thanks him for inspiring him to continue his law school. Schue’s confidence definitely on a high this time.

Mercedes apologizes for the windshield. Kurt confesses that he’s gay. Mercedes easily accepted that and asked why didn’t he just say so. Kurt said that he’s not too confident that people would accept him, especially his father.
Sue finds out, on her spies’ report, that Glee kicked out Dakota and that they weren’t so successful in disbanding them. As punishment, Sue made them smell their armpits first. Yes, their armpits! Then, revokes their tanning privileges. Oh Sue, you never fail to amaze me!
Quinn, stands up and gives a powerful statement: “Thank you for teaching me a valuable life lesson today. If you really believe in yourself, you don’t have to bring other people down.” Yey! Go Quinn!

This made me anticipate the next episodes! A lot of revelations and issues going on! See you next time Gleeks!

Posted by Soraya Peralta
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