Glee Season 1 Ep. 4: Preggers – “Take One for The Team” and “ I Don’t Wanna Be A Lima Loser”

Friday, February 19, 2010

Here’s what you’ve missed so far: Terry is faking her pregnancy, Emma has her eyes on Will Schuester, Kurt admits to Mercedes that he’s gay, Finn is still struggling between football and Glee, and of course Sue has all her energy in destroying Glee.
For this Preggers episode, here’s what I think about it: Revelation! Read on and learn what the characters had to reveal! Enjoy!


Beyonce has invaded the world. And in Glee, her song “All The Single Ladies” paved the way to Kurt’s freedom. In the first scene, Kurt was doing a re-make of the “All The Single Ladies” music video with Britt and Tina in his room. He was actually very good and his costume, although not in leotard, was so fab! Then, they were caught by Kurt’s dad. As what usual friends do, the ladies saved Kurt from being caught off guard. Britt said that Kurt was a part of the football team. Kurt’s dad, got interested and asked him for some tickets to his first game.
REVELATION 1: Terri is not practicing giving birth with her sister, Kendra. Kendra is the usual controlling person, giving orders to Will on what and how he should do it. Terri admits to her that she’s not really pregnant. Terri is panicking because she knows that only the baby is keeping Will from leaving her. Kendra suggests, or rather, imposes to keep the lying and her powerful words were: “Lying is food to a marriage. It will die without it.” To those married Geeks out there, agree or disagree? Let me know, ok? Seriously, let me know! Going back, Kendra’s solution is to get Terri a baby! When you see her, it would seem as if everything is just easy, like they were just going to get a baby from a baby store.
Meanwhile, Sue gets a spot on the WOHN news, entitled Sue’s Corner. Schue learns about this while having lunch with Emma and Coach Ken. Sue arrives and as expected, shows off her new celeb career. Sue has her way with words and how vividly she describes her thoughts, placing them strategically in her statements, delivering them so conversationally. I think that’s a talent and Jane Lynch is doing such a good job!

Now, Schue gives out Glee’s practice sheets. Tina gets the solo of the Westside Story song. Rachel thought it was a mistake and debates with Schue on why she should sing the solo. She walked of the room furious. Then Kurt approaches Finn, seeking for some help on how he can join the football team. Exciting!

“Hi, I’m Kurt and I’ll be auditioning for the role of kicker.” How many times do coaches hear this statement from kids who want to try out? Coach allowed him to show what he’s got. Prepared with his music and despite Finn’s warning, Kurt went into position, played the song and danced. “All The Single Ladies” was like a warm up for Kurt and indeed, he kicked the ball effortlessly. Coach accepted him right away.
Going back to Sue, she was visited with one of the executives of the news program she’s a part of. Apparently, the child of the exec goes to McKinley High as well and he’s wondering if Sue is losing her touch as most of the cherrios are moving to the show choir, Glee. This challenged Sue.

REVELATION 2: Quinn admits to Finn that she’s pregnant. Finn is quite unsure how this happened as they haven’t really done it yet. Quinn explains that it was when they were in the hot tub and Finn “finished” early again right there and sperms swim faster when in hot water… blah… blah… It was kind of lame, but because Finn loves her, he believed. La la la Love….

In the meantime, Sue visits Sandy in his humble abode. This was quite a surprise. But then again, knowing Sue, there’s always the element of surprise. She then offers Sandy a job in school as the head of the arts department, overseeing music, dance, drama and of course, Glee. Sandy was hesitant because he knows that Principal Figgins will never allow it. Sue saw this coming. So she already blackmailed the principal with a video she found of Figgins promoting thermal socks for the Indian airline he worked for before. Of course, Principal Figgins didn’t want this video to just spread in school so he agreed to have Sandy back in school. Sue and sandy started their evil scheme and what better way to start than to steel Glee’s best singer, Rachel!

Sue and Sandy held auditions for the school play Cabaret. Rachel did not waste any minute and she auditioned. She did well, as expected, and landed the lead role.

Schue is upset with this situation. Figgins finally agreed to Sue and Sandy. Schue states that this is one of Sue’s evil way of destroying Glee. Sandy shouts and says that Schue prefers to be an adversary, so be it!
Schue tries to talk to Rachel and bring her back to Glee. But Rachel prefers to go with her pride and said no to Schue. Telling him that everyone in Glee is getting what they want, except for her who still gets her lipstick flushed down the toilet and she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet and that she works hard for the team. Schue politely states that he wants everyone to feel like a star and asks Rachel to just attend practice.
Meanwhile, Tina practices her piece. She has problems stuttering. And based on studies, stuttering is a manifestation of lack of confidence. She sang pretty well until he reached the last part. Schue praises her for a good job but she insists to give Rachel the lead because she’s not good enough. She further states: “I have to take one for the team.”
Finn admits to Schue that Quinn is pregnant and convinces his Glee director to teach the football team to dance. Finn realized that the only way to be able to provide for his kid and Quinn is to finish school and attend college. But he won’t be able to pursue college if he doesn’t get a scholarship. So he needs the football team to win. Based on his research – the first time he actually realized that you can borrow books from the library – most of the good players were dancers. Dancing was a technique that they could use to improve their stance and movements. I agree!

Schue talked to the whole team. Coach Ken agreed. Puck was constantly opposing and was attacking Kurt. But in the end, upon Coach’s order, they all went to practice. Look at the studs, moving like Beyonce, they were all so cute!

Puck noticed that Finn was kind of different lately. Puck forced him to talk, reminding him that they’re best friends. Finn didn’t have any choice but to admit to him as well that Quinn is pregnant. After that, Puck seemed to be disturbed. I wonder why…
Excitement keeps on rising as Puck confronts Quinn. Surprise! Surprise! Puck is the father of the baby! Quinn quickly stated that she got drunk that day they did it and she felt fat. Wow… These weight issues are really taking a wrong turn in the kids’ lives. Anyway, Puck wants to stand for his child, saying that he doesn’t want to be like his father. Quinn refuses because of course, she’s with Finn. She leaves Puck saying: “You’re a lima loser and always going to be a lima loser. I researched and found out that Lima is a town and whoever lives in Lima will never get out and be worth anything. Well, that would suck big time!
Crying Quinn runs to her car and was surprised that Terri was right beside her. Yes! Terri. Schue’s wife. Offering her some help and vitamins. Of course, we know that she’s looking for a baby and Quinn is the most accessible for her. Terri’s step one to “having a baby.”

The football game. Mckinley High is losing and the team does not want to do the dance routine. Kurt’s father arrives to watch his son play. Then, Finn realized that they really need to win the game. He calls for a time out – dramatically having only one second on the clock. Puck disagrees with Finn but Finn throws him with: “I don’t want to be a lima loser for the rest of my life.” That was a wake up gall for Puck. Finally, he agreed and the team takes their position. Finn signals for the music and they danced! They were all synchronized and looked great! They even had their own poses! Then Finn dramatically passed the ball to Puck and they scored! Now it’s Kurt’s turn to kick the ball to break the tie. Of course, he had his own routine too and kicked and they won! Kurt’s dad was screaming in the audience, telling people that Kurt is his son. Puck was happy and smiling (totally looks good when he smiles!) but not for long as he saw Quinn and Finn kissing, with his baby in between.

REVELATION 3: Kurt is now at home, doing his “night time post-game ritual.” His father came to him to tell him that he was so proud of his son tonight. This was now Kurt’s cue to tell his father what he really is. His father casually said that he already knew from the start. I guess parents are always in denial until they finally hear it from their child.
The soon-to-be father Finn, gives his “mageegee” to Quinn. Telling her that he’ll do his best to be a good father. Puck interrupts them and Finn defends Quinn. Puck sarcastically says sorry to both of them.
This episode ended with kind words of Sue – kind in Sue’s perspective – during Sue’s Corner. Meanwhile, Puck and two other football studs joined Glee. Schue started their practice with the Westside story song, still giving the solo to
Tina. Rachel quits and goes back to Sandy exclusively. Sue gave some powerful statements which I found true and with a very positive point: “It’s not easy to break out of your comfort zone. People will tear you down. Tell you, you shouldn’t have bothered in the first place. There’s not much of a different between a stadium full of cheering crowd and an angry crowd screaming abuse at you. They’re both just making a lot of noise. How you take it is up to you. Convince yourself they’re cheering for you. You do that and some day they will.”
That was inspiring! Sue may be annoying and devilish, but sometimes she has her point. Sometimes you really have to be tough.
Are you tough? Sweet? Or a combination? What do you think Gleeks?
Till the next review! Take it easy!

Posted by Soraya Peralta
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