Quin'thalan Sunfire World of Warcraft Action Figure Review

Monday, February 08, 2010

Today we are going to review another Paladin in DC Unltd's World of Warcraft Action FIgures, and this we have the Blood Elf Quin'thalan Sunfire. This figure looks very similar to the Blood Elf Paladins in Warcraft III so I'm pretty sure a lot of DOTA players are going to love this figure. Quin'thalan Sunfire stands at 8.5" at his highest point and is dressed in the traditional Blood Elf color of black and red. Go ahead and check on the break for all the image heavy content we have for you.

Let's first go into some details about the Blood Elves courtesy of the guys from WoW Wiki:
Blood elves wear crimson-colored robes to suggest their fiery affiliation and the blood of the fallen elves in Quel'Thalas. Many concentrate on studying arcane and fire magic, as opposed to the traditional frost and water spells of their lost high elf society.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what to expect when it comes to the design of this figure. Here's a look at the packaging which is basically the same as the other figures we've reviewed so far.

Inside you'll get three pieces, the main figure, his shield and his weapon.

I'm glad that the guys over at DC Unltd learned from their mistakes and are able to make new accessories that are way better than the ones we got from series one. The weapon feels solid enough but doesn't feel fragile. The overall design theme is eagles with gold, red and black colors all over his armor and accessories. As you can see great details have been put on the sculpts and colors of the accessories. I'm glad that the colors are where they should be and look solid enough, except for the strap on the shield. I'm not sure if it should have been red or black, it's smeared with red but I think it would look better if it was just solid black.

Here's the turn around of the main figure without the accessories. I'm really not sure why his hair is like that, is wind or force coming from below him? This guy looks tough being a Paladin and all. His armor is the best one we've seen in terms of colors. Nothing seems to be out of place and no colors seem to spill over to the other parts which is great.

Here he is with the accessories on. He's in a wide spread pose which I don't think is in battle mode. It's more like he's about to cast a spell or is talking to someone. The thing that bothers me is the angle of the head. It's too low, it's like he's looking at the ground or talking to a gnome. You really can't get a good look at his face unless you put him some place high.

Here's a closer look at his face. As you can see the angle on his face really makes it a challenge to get a good look at him. Too bad because the colors and details on it look great and I'm sure his eyebrows are enchanted somehow. How else can it grow that long?

The armors on his shoulder seem to have some kind of gem in the middle, but I'm kind of disappointed with the color of the gem. It really doesn't jump out and say "I'm a Gem", looks more like a blob of leather of some sort. But other than that it looks great. The colors on this figure are the cleanest we've seen so far, which is great because Blood Elves are supposed to be clean and tidy with their armors.

His arms are covered in armor up to his finger tips, here you can see the bit of confusion I had with the supposed color of the strap of his shield. The sculptor didn't let up when it comes to details he put on this figure. You can see a lot of sculpts and details all over the armor. This Paladin is covered in armor from the neck down.

The torso has a couple of layers of armor on it. It looks pretty solid in both colors and sculpt. I'm not sure why he has that strap around his chest though. I wonder what that's for? I think I figured out what the artist was trying to do with the colors on the strap of his shield.

The design of the armor on the waist looks awesome. Everything seems consistent with the overall theme of the armor. I especially like the design of the armor on his thighs and arms, black with gold lining for the win!

His garb actually reminds me of the design they put on Meryl Felstorm, luckily the paint job on Quin'thalan Sunfire is way better.

Here's a look at the armor on his legs and feet. Both look great with all the details and consistency with the design, but there's one thing wrong with the armor on his left foot. If you take a closer look the shin guard is actually bent which shouldn't be possible if his armor was solid or metal. It should have been like the armor on the right foot, but hey it's just a small detail and not a big deal.

Quin'thalan Sunfire is a great representation of how clean and tidy the design and colors of the Blood Elf race is in World of Warcraft. DOTA players will have a blast having this figure around because it looks exactly like "The Silencer". If you're into solid lines and elegant armor designs Quin'thalan Sunfire should be a great buy for you.

Posted by Jab Escutin
More info: DC Unltd


Runetotem said...

I'm sorry if I write too much, but I'm so excited. My Quin'thalan arrived today and he's awesome! By the way great reviews on all figures Jab!

jab said...

@Runetotem - no need to say sorry man. You're comments are always welcome and appreciated!

Seth said...

I have bought my quinthalan sunfire from someone at sulit.com im worried because the paint job with the Gold markings are fading and there are some overlaps especially at the face, the box and prints seems original but im quite disappointed with the paint of the figure.. How would i know if the item is original or another copycat?

Jab said...

@Seth - hhhmmm... really can't say for sure as the figure may already be too old... I guess it really doesn't matter if it's a copycat or not if you think the overlaps are too much... If it's too obvious and there's a lot of overlaps all over the figure that may not be a good sign...