Skeeve Sorrowblade World of Warcraft Action Figure Review

Friday, February 05, 2010

The last figure we reviewed was the very beautiful Human Priestess Sister Benedron, this time we are going to the other side namely the undead side of things with the first ever figure that really shows us the look of the undead race in DC Unltd's line of World of Warcraft Action Figures. Skeeve Sorrwblade stands at 6.5" at his highest point and has great detail to match your taste for the undead. Check the break for all the images and review of this great figure and remember to click on the images if you want to take a closer look.

Not much to say about the packaging since it's the same as all the other figures we've reviewed so far.

All in all you get three pieces two daggers and the main figure. The daggers were actually secured with scotch tape which in my opinion isn't a good idea because the paint might stick to it and damage the colors. Luckily the one I got didn't stick to the tape so all is well and good.

Here's the turn around of the main figure without the daggers. It's great that this time we can clearly see that he's an undead unlike Meryl Felstorm which only had a few hints of him being an undead because he was totally covered. I'm really liking the sculpts on this guy as well as the colors on him. So far he has the best pose in my book. He has two points of articulation, the left arm can be raised and lowered, the right hand can be rotated a little bit. Both points are mainly to position the daggers he'll be holding.

Here's a closer look at his weapons. Both weapons are identical and look like they are stained with some kind of green poison on each blade. Which is actually the signature look and function of Rogue weapons. There's even a small skull on the tip of the handle.

Here he is with both daggers. His pose is my favorite so far and from the looks of it he's supposed to be displayed at an angle where you can see his rotting face. He seems to be in battle mode as his stance is something that seems to be ready to strike or is waiting to defend. Either way it's the best and most sensible pose we've seen so far. Problem is he kind of falls on his face easily when not on a perfectly flat surface. According to WoW Wiki he seems to be wearing a much more decorated and detailed version of the Death Mantle set, which suits him greatly. I really like the colors on this guy but we'll get to that in the next images. You can clearly see the details the sculptor put in on the rotting flesh and the exposed bones which is a good sign that the next undead figures have great potential.

Skeeve's face is something only a mother can love, an undead mother that is. The details on the rotting flesh look great and the violet colors on it make the rotting much more believable. He's not smiling he just doesn't have his lips anymore, in case you were wondering. At least he's still got most of his hair.

The armor on his shoulders have three blades on each side which look like they're also laced with some kind of poison. But these are colored violet which is good because green wouldn't have worked for me. Another great design from the artist with great details up to the end of the shoulder armor where you can see a small skull accenting the design. I like the material used on the blades, they're not to rubbery and not too stiff. Just the right stiffness without making it too fragile.

The hands are no exception to the great details and design of this figure. The rotting flesh and exposed bones look realistic enough for me but why do I feel like I could've appreciated a little bit of blood or blood smears of some sort. The armor on the arms are basically the same except for the knuckle guard which is only on the left hand. The right hand looks kind of bare without it but it's a chance for the artist to place some rotting flesh design on it which I appreciate.

The chest armor is decorated with a big skull which looks great on him. Rogues usually wear light armor so they can move faster. You know what they say the lighter you are the faster you move. Undead can be as light as they want to be, Skeeve's even unloading flesh and internal organs just to be lighter. Just take a look at his ribs protruding out of his sides and even out of the armor. The colors are great and doesn't go where they aren't supposed to be. I really like the fact that the artist took advantage of the armor and showed rotting flesh whenever he had the chance. I'm sure he had fun designing the spine. 

Here's a better look at the daggers while he's holding them.

One of the great things I like most about the build of this figure is the armor on his waist. It's not sculpted into the main figure. You can actually move it up or down but you won't be able to remove it entirely since it's been locked on to the main figure.

The feet have nothing in common with each other which is a great idea. The sculptor can show the armor on one side and highlight the undead characteristics on the other. I personally like the undead foot.

The undead now have a worthy representation in the World of Warcraft Action Figures. Skeeve Sorrowblade's rotting flesh and exposed bones have been created with great details and respect for the most gruesome race that's ever to grace World of Warcraft. If you love playing the undead or just love the look of rotting flesh and bone Skeeve Sorrowblade should be a great buy for you.

Posted by Jab Escutin
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