Glee Season 1 Ep. 6: Vitamin D – Get Creative!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

In the last episode, Glee did very well in the Invitational. Kids were confident even when April Rhodes was not with them anymore. However, the kids get pretty complacent this time, after knowing the two competitions they got before the Regionals – School for the deaf and the school for juvenile delinquent girls. Will Schuester’s challenge is to get their energy back in their rehearsals and be competitive again. With everything else that’s going on around him, will he get to bring the kids back in the game?


The kids have totally lost their fire. They do not focus anymore on their rehearsals and each of the members had their own things to do while in rehearsal. Plus, Finn is too sleepy this time. He could barely keep his eyes open at practice. In the teachers’ lounge, Will talked to Emma about his current dilemma with the kids. Emma got distracted as there was mustard on Will’s chin, which she also wiped. Finally, when Emma was ready to give her suggestion, Sue Sylvester interrupted her, finding her speech very boring and started to butt in. A very Sue move. She states that the kids need to be terrified in order for them to perform. Will disagrees with her and says that they do things differently. Sue rhetorically rebuts that it’s not really going well for him, saying further that to kids, being terrified is like mother’s milk to them. Without it, they’d die. Hence, Will got an idea.

In the next Glee practice, Will made them see the importance of the competition and how they could win. He made them compete with each other. Girls vs. boys. Hmmmmm, my kind of competition! Battle of the sexes! It was a Glee-off, a mash-up, which according to Will is: “Take two songs, mash them together to make an even richer explosion of musical expression. It was a bit of a challenge for Finn as he was really too tired lately.

Meanwhile, Sue writes on her journal. Narrating what she’d been feeling lately with the things. She noticed a quiver on Quinn’s leg while she was on top of the pyramid at the Cherrios practice. To Sue, a quiver is a threat, as it may cause the pyramid to topple and jeopardizing all of her endorsements. Then she also wrote about what she saw between Emma and Will in the teachers’ lounge – Emma’s wiping off of mustard on Will’s cute chin (as Emma described). She got an idea then on how to destroy Will….
Her first step, to get into Terri’s head – figuratively of course! Well, she played her usual mind game with Terri, telling her that Will is getting busy with Emma. She strongly suggested that Terri gets a job in the school so she can spy on Will and Emma. This was funny because Sue made sure that there was an opening for the nurse position. She made the poor old nurse fall down the stairs and was now in a comma. That was very Sue too, always making sure that her plans would work. So now, Terri applies to Principal Figgins and assures him that she had some kind of training in first aid.
Back at the lounge, Will asks Emma to be the celebrity judge for the Mash-up. Suddenly, Terri appears and introduces herself straight to Emma, wipes Emma’s cup with her licked thumb and gives Will the basics of why she’s there. A little too much for Emma though. We all know how she is!
At football practice, Finn narrates that he’s been tired all day in school and even at home. He drools most of the time and he could barely open his eyes now. He’s been thinking of a lot of stuff – Quinn, baby, football, glee, Rachel. Yes, you read that right! Rachel. He’s crazy over Quinn but he couldn’t keep Rachel out of his mind either.
And again, he dozed off while at practice for the Glee off. Arty, Puck and Kurt discuss their routine but Finn sleeps again. This was where Puck advised that Finn should go and see the nurse.
Meanwhile, at the girls’ practice, Rachel noticed that none of them is taking the competition seriously they were all complacent… again! Mercedes suggests that they just “wing it,” which means that they don’t really have to give so much effort to practice because they know the boys will not do well.

Now, Finn is surprise to see Terri as the new school nurse. Terri realizes that he’s Quinn’s beau. Terri is really the talking type. In this scene, she invites Finn to tell her about his sleeping habits while Finn is really looking to lay his head. Finn tells her that he got a lot of things in his mind, including Quinn and Rachel. Given Terri’s present dilemma, she becomes defensive that cheating no way acceptable. She just kept on blabbing. And I love her facial expressions when she speaks. Her eyes get bigger and glow, her lips pout or smile depending on what she’s feeling. She sets herself as an example for Finn of she managed to do several things at the same time when she was in high school. Then she remembers that it was because of her magic pill which she now recommends to Finn. She told him to drink two tabs of Pseudoephedrine, a component they put on decongestants to make them non-drowsy. This was a learning moment for me. When Finn asked her if it was safe, she casually tells him that it over the counter.
Then, Finn pops the two tabs and returns to practice all pumped up. The boys were surprised and Finn shared this “vitamin” to them.

Boys’ performance was a blast. It was evident that their energy was at a high. Finn was moving around and albeit his awkward dance moves, the whole performance was superb! The boys nailed it! I’m not promoting the use of these tabs before a performance. But with the songs they chose, their moves and costume, the boys really impressed the audience, especially Will. The girls were shaken and were now pressured.

Now, Rachel approaches Quinn as she has been missing out on their practice. The snobbish character of Quinn, being the captain of the Cherrios, still gives her an edge over Rachel. Well, at least until her baby bump is not yet that obvious. Rachel persuades her to attend practice. Quinn refuses, saying that she has a life and other important things to do. So Rachel played the “Glee is your friend” card. Quinn realized that too albeit if the situations were reversed, she told Rachel that she would’ve tortured her. Oh but it’s not Quinn, so better relax…
Terri calls Howard Bamboo, the former Acafellas singer and giver of their name, to purchase more boxes of the “vitamin.” Then she was visited by Coach Ken in her office. Apparently, even coach Ken noticed Emma’s feelings for Will. Terri got another idea for Coach Ken and that is… to propose to Emma! She also told him the real reason why she’s in the school. Coach Ken hesitates but Terri pushes him to do it and gave him the same vitamin D too! This is a riot!
Meanwhile, going back to the girls practice, Rachel is furious with the girls’ attitude. All they could say was that they had no idea that the boys will do well. Then Kurt entered the room and spilled the boys group’s secret – Vitamin D.
Finn arrived school pumped again. Rachel approached him and accused him of cheating. Finn gets back at her saying that this time Rachel should just accept that she’ll be defeated. This left Rachel raging in anger.
And now… Surprise! The girls group fell in line for the famous vitamin D. all of them took the tabs, except for Quinn of course, who took some pregnancy vitamins instead. The real thing for Quinn and Terri’s soon to be baby.
In the teachers’ lounge, Will noticed that Coach Ken was a bit weird. Terri said she placed him on a new vitamin regimen. Emma entered the room and when Terri saw her, she quickly sat beside her husband and licked the mustard off of Will’s face. Will resists her, and was very annoyed with Terri. He asked for his space. This may sound cliché to some of us out there, but in this situation, Terri was indeed a little too much. Then, Terri cued Coach Ken for his proposal. And he fired away. Emma was caught off guard and was speechless.

The girls’ performance was over the top too! They were energetic and the yellow made them brighter and happier. It was just funny because when Rachel gave her introduction, she was too perky in a weird way. But all in all, the celebrity judge had a hard time choosing. Also, the celebrity judge had a hard time in giving her answer to Coach Ken, especially when Will asked her if the rumors were true that the Coach proposed to Emma. She admitted and Will sadly left.

Terri pays Emma a visit to just give her a warning and hint that Emma can never be with Will. Terri’s character is somehow disturbing. She has this certain influence of manipulating people. She imposed to Emma that she should marry Ken. She wasn’t violent at all. But her attitude was strong and made it clear that she was not joking at all.
Quinn talked to Terri and told her that she’s not ready to give her life up. So she’s confirming that Terri can have the baby. Terri just wanted to make sure that there will be no daddy drama. Quinn just said that Finn’s the reason why she’s doing this. Then she asked for some financial assistance from Terri. Which Terri refused as she had eighteen years of spending for the child and nine months will not hurt Quinn. But then again Terri, Quinn is still in high school. You get what I mean now about Terri?
Emma went to Ken to finally give her answer. She basically laid her conditions and Ken happily agreed to them. The scene just keeps on suspending whether Emma would give her yes to Ken. It was a pretty clever way to keep the audience in watching. Even if I already had the feeling she’d say yes, I still kept on watching. I wanted to see those gory details.
Finn surprises Rachel and congratulates her for a good performance. They both agreed to withdraw from the competition as both teams kind of cheated with those vitamin D.

In Principal Figgins room, Will and Terri faced him. Will was too mad to know about the vitamins Terri’s been giving the kids. As a result, she was fired and Will was questioned on his capability of handling the kids. Hence, bringing in a co-director… Sue Sylvester!
Emma was waiting for Will outside the room. It’s cute how Will’s face lightened up at the sight of Emma. But Emma just confirmed that she will say yes to Ken. Then his face was gloomy again.
This episode ended when Rachel threw her box of Pseudoephedrine and continued her stress reliever – work out. This is a good reminder for us! Let us not depend on the artificial stuff that will give strength that will soon expire. Go for organic and have a little faith in yourself.

Posted by Soraya Peralta
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