Succubus Demon Amberlash World of Warcraft Action Figure Review

Friday, March 26, 2010

Series 4 of DC Unltd's line of World of Warcraft Figures feature some of the races that are not playable or can't be your main character in game. It's nice to know that they're getting some love by introducing them into action figure form. Today we will be reviewing the Succubus Demon Amberlash who looks like a dominatrix from hell by the way. Succubi are the usual pets of Warlocks mainly because of their ability to control other beings that are weak of will (see what I mean). Amberlash is around 8.5" tall at her highest point and features great wings and a tail to match that devilish look. If you're into sexy demons with whips you might want to check the break for the full review.

Here's a couple of interesting bits about Succubus Demons in World of Warcraft from WoW Wiki:
“Of all the servants that a warlock may call upon, none is called upon so often as the succubus. Few indeed have not shivered beneath her razor sharp touch and lost themselves in the aura of ecstatic pain that surrounds these most comely angels of the abyss. Yet the wise warlock should overcome slack-jawed admiration, for it is unfitting and may well lead to the master becoming the slave."

Succubi are really interesting creatures in World of Warcraft and if I get to play World of Warcraft I'd probably go Warlock just to get to use one. But for now let's concentrate on the action figure.

You get 5 pieces out of the packaging 2 peg stands, 2 wings and the main figure. Although the whip can be removed from her hand it's already secured by a transparent rubber band that keeps it in place. I really like the material they used on her wings, it's some kind of transparent pinkish plastic, details on the sculpt look good as the artist put in some wholes in the wings probably for a more authentic look.

Here's the main figure without the wings. She can definitely be displayed without the wings, just make sure to angle her in a way that nobody would see the gaping wholes on her back. So far everything's looking good. She looks like she's posed to whip somebody into submission.

And here she is with the wings on. The wings are heavy maybe to heavy for the figure. I have a lot of instances where she falls on her back due to the weight of the wings. You have to angle the peg stands and make sure she's on a flat surface otherwise you'd be picking her up a lot of times. I wish her wings are as spread out as Illidan's but she still looks great anyway.

On to the close up shots. Her horns are one of the things I like about the details on this figure, it's base color is black with a shade of pink. The only thing is some of the pink paint is on her hair, though I feel like I can erase or easily fix it. A very seductive face and blue eyes as expected from a succubus demon. Why do I feel like she just came from the salon? Her hair looks like it was freshly cut which I feel takes down the authenticity down a notch. This is World of Warcraft people nobody should have perfectly cut hair, bot even seductive beautiful demons.

The design of what little armor she has looks great. The armor on her arm is lined with gold which thankfully didn't spill to the other parts of the arm. Though if you take a closer look you'll see some lines on the sculpt that's probably from the cast they used to mass produce this figures.

The armor on her torso looks great. Is this some kind of corset? Anyway, I'm glad the gold color is solid enough that the green color doesn't over power it. Nice details and colors up to the back. I like the tail and it's spiky end but I think it's supposed to be red all the way through, somebody forgot to color the part where it starts to stick out of her underwear.

The legs are very interesting. As a demon she has hooves instead of feet. Details look great especially the scales that are sculpted under the knees. I'm guessing the hooves should be black in color with a shades of blue but I think they exaggerated the blue color, though it still looks good.

I'm a big fan of anything with wings, though I prefer wings that are spread out the Succubus Demon Amberlash is still a great buy specially for Warlock players in World of Warcraft. Although we noticed some things about the sculpts, this figure would still look great around your other Warcraft Figures.

Posted by Jab Escutin
More info: DC Unltd


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Hi Stefan,

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Thank you very much - the sites are still under construction, still growing every day. Many dragons and other fantasy figures. Unfortunately only in German language until now. It's much to do - however, you know this too ;) Do further so, I like to look at your great sites again and again!

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