Tokidoki and New Era Team-Up for Marvel Japanese Styled Caps

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tokidoki teamed up with New Era and Marvel to bring you these uber cute caps designed with our favorite Marvel characters in Japanese style kid friendly graphics. Each cap features more graphics under the visor and more Marvel characters to the mix. The one pictured on the left looks really funny with Captain America serving fast food. We have a couple more after the break with Wolverine and Iron Man caps if you want a look.

Each cap would set you back 5,670 Japanese Yen, that's around 2,800 PHP or around 60 USD if your from the west.

Just click on the images for a closer look.

Materials: Wool 75%, 25% acrylic
Color: Royal / White / Size
Scarlet: 7 (approx. 55.8cm), 7 1 / 8 (about 56.8cm), 7 1 / 4 (about 57.7cm), 7 3 / 8 ( about 58.7cm), 7 1 / 2 (about 59.6cm), 7 5 / 8 (about 60.6cm), 7 3 / 4 (about 61.5cm), 8 (about 63.5cm)

There's a lot more designs to choose from with some Sanrio characters in the mix, if you want to check the entire line click on the source link which is by the way in Japanese.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: New Era via Fashionably Geek


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