Tuskarr Tavru Akua World of Warcraft Action Figure Review

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The next figure we are about to review used to be a regular figure included in series 4, but I think due to the fact that DC Unltd wanted the size of the figures to be proportional to each other they had to create another category. The World of Warcraft Premium Series are figures that aren't as big as the Deluxe Figures but are bigger than the regular figures. I also noticed that the Deluxe Figures are for prominent names in the World of Warcraft lore as the Premium guys are uh... well... only created to be an action figure.

The Tuskarr, Tavru Akua stands at 7" at his highest point and features great details and accessories. So let's move on shall we?

This is the first figure to feature the Tuskarr race in World of Warcraft so before we head onto the figure here's a little background from WoW Wiki
The tuskarr are humanoid walrus people who live in Northrend. They make their home along the southern coast of the continent having settlements in Borean Tundra, Dragonblight and Howling Fjord. The tuskarr culture is centered around fishing and whaling such that a tuskarr's fishing ability is seen as a moral guideline of sorts. Tuskarr females farm the few crops that grow in the tundra while also collecting a variety of berries and roots. Animal husbandry exists in the tuskarr culture, including the breeding of penguins as farm animals.
With that settled here's a look at the unique packaging. The Premium Series is really something in between the regular figures and the deluxe figures. As you can see the packaging looks like a half baked deluxe figure with the box only covering half of the figure.

All in all you get three pieces the main figure his spear and the little end of his spear. This is a heavy figure and I can safely say Tavru is heavier than the Illidan Deluxe figure. The spearhead is made of some kind of fish skull which looks great. I like the rope that accents the whole spear, it really gives it an authentic look, and the carvings on it are welcome designs.

Here's the turn around of the main figure without the spear. Why do I feel like he's actually dancing? Anyway, Tavru is Premium Figure at it's best with all the great details and colors, as early as now I can definitely say he's a great buy.

Here he is with his spear. You can tell by just looking at his pose that he's a very skilled fisherman or whaler. The texture and leathery look of this figure is astounding. The details of the sculpts on his skin are very realistic, the stretch marks and blubber are very reminiscent of the walruses I see when watching Animal Planet not that you'd see a Tuskarr there. I'm glad he's not looking down like most of the figures we've seen so far.

Here's the close up of his face. Tuskarr are well known for their cute and friendly faces, but don't get the wrong idea as these guys are very fierce especially when it comes to their enemies. I really like how his tusks are carved to form some kind of design which according to sources is a way to detect which tribe their from.

Because he's covered with insulating fat Tavru only needs a vest to keep him warm. The design of the vest looks great. It looks like different leather patterns have been put together to form a very unique design. The fur lining on the vest also helps with the great design.

The sculpts and details of the hands and arms are very consistent with the overall theme of the figure. I really like that the colors of the nails are very different from the colors of the fingers. You wouldn't notice it but the right hand can be turned to adjust the angle of the spear. The tattoos on his left arm are well made and look embossed, which is a plus in my book. It may just be me but I think it would've looked better if he also had some tattoos on his right arm, but to each his own right?

The belly looks like every other walrus', full of stretch marks and fat. I'm really digging the embossed tattoo on it. It still shows all the stretch marks and is solid enough for my taste. His utility belt or whatever it's called has all the great markings and designs from the rest off his outfit. I really like the weapons he has on his back and wish that we can replace the spear with it, but that's just wishful thinking as it's firmly attached and can't be removed without damaging the figure. The weapons are a great accessory to an otherwise bare back.

The foot is what you'd expect from a humanoid walrus, big and fat. He seems to be wearing some kind of leather to cover the sole of his feet. The colors of the toe nails are very consistent with what we have with the hands which is a sign that the whoever colored this figure wanted to do a good job.

Tavru may not be a major player in the World of Warcraft lore but if this figure is any indication of what DC Unltd has in store for us in it's Premium Series line then we'd have a lot to look forward to. The Tuskarr have arrived and they've made a good impression. Now I'm wondering what the female Tuskarrs look like. Would they look like the guys too? The Tuskarr Tavru Akua is a great figure which features a fresh new race to the action figure line. If you're already bored with the conventional races you might want to pick this big boy up and I guarantee his not going to disappoint.

Posted by Jab Escutin
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