Glee Season 1 Ep. 14 Review: Hell-O – “What A Blast!”

Friday, April 16, 2010

Last time in Glee, after learning that Sue leaked New Directions song list to the competitors, the kids still managed to come up with a whole new program and gave their best shot and of course won sectionals! Meanwhile, Quinn is carrying Puck's baby and Finn is furious. Then Will discovered that Terry is not really pregnant. Enraged with anger, he left her and they ended up kissing Emma! Read on to get the juicy details.


Now, after a period of suspension for Sue, Principal Figgins cuts off glee club despite of winning the sectionals. OMG!!! Sue is back! Will is confused. Behind all that, Sue black mailed P. Figgins... Sexually! She drugged him and when he woke up, Sue played her mind game and Figgins gave in to avoid disgracing his rep, family and religion.

Meanwhile, Finn enters basketball. Finn & Rachel are now together, Finn is somehow lost and feels that Rachel is too much to handle.

Will asked the whole group to sing any song with hello in it.

Next, Will & Emma are now seeing each other. Will wanted to kiss Emma. But the ever cute and clean Emma wants to clean first, showing her "kit" which for me, seemed to look like a tool box. Will invited her to a date instead at his place.

Sue is very unhappy and disappointed with Santana and Britt, her two spying cheerios, for not stopping New Directions from winning.

Will suggests that Finn sings a song to let loose of things that bothers him. He sang "Hello I Love You," a classic by The Doors, and gets to be asked on a date by the two cheerios. Finn, pumped up for being noticed by the two hotties, breaks up with Rachel. I mean, who could ever pass on a night in boy wonderland, right?

Now, Rachel sings out of spite for Finn.
Will is disappointed as this was not the purpose of the exercise. She then meets Jesse St. James, male lead of Vocal Adrenalin-New Directions' tough competitor, at a local music store. Jesse lured Rachel into singing Lionel Ritchie's "Hello." Their duet went longer than the song...

Meanwhile, in the resto with Santana & Britt, Finn kept on asserting himself to be included in the conversation. Santana clearly indicated that he's there to pay for their dinner but not really to engage in their conversation. Finn gave up and left. The two continued with their talk, ending with Britt saying: "Hey, did you know that dolphins are gay sharks?" That made me tumble from the couch in laughter!

Will & Emma are now dancing in Will's place, to the tune of "Hello Again" by Neil Diamond. Everything was so romantic until they got really hot & busy and Emma revealed that she hasn't really done "it" yet.

Finn went back to Rachel, in the hopes of getting back with her. To his surprise, Rachel proudly tells him that she has moved on and so should he.

"I’m engorged with venom & triumph!" Sue said to her two spying cheerios as they gave their report. Sue is still on to destroy New Directions and win over her rivalry with Will. Her statements even got better in this episode. She's definitely one of my favorites!

Vocal Adrenalin is rehearsing and Will was there waiting for the group's coach. He was concerned with Rachel and Jesse being an item, that this might be the competitor's petty way to spy on New Directions. Vocal Adrenalin Coach, Shelby Corcoran, ensured Will that that was not the case at all. They ended up making out in Will's place. The VA Coach told Will that he should reintroduce himself to himself. To take a breather since being a husband didn’t work and now he’s acting as a boyfriend with Emma but making out with the competition’s coach.

Tina, Kurt and Mercedes were furious when they learned that Rachel is dating Jesse St. James. They even threatened to drop Rachel from the team even if she has the talent.
Because of her spies, Sue knew about Rachel and Jess being an item. One of her diabolical characteristic is playing mind games. She did it to Principal Figgins, Terry, Schue and now to Rachel. She invited our eccentric star to the Old Maids Club, the members usually “made out with their cats and watches Ghost Whisperer.” Sue is very good at these tricks. She can execute them perfectly and get the reaction she’s aiming for.
Now, Emma prepares to surprise Will and Terry arrived revealing that Neil Diamond’s “Hello” was Terry’s & Will’s prom song. Emma was the one who was actually surprised.
Rachel went to Jesse, reintroduced himself and kissed her, only that it was all a drama by the coach & Jesse.

Emma told Will about the song and advised him to take some time off. Then begged him to leave the room as she needs to cry… hard.
Finn offers to get back with Rachel but it is very clear that she likes Jesse so much now.
The episode ended with a song by Beatles, “Hello, Goodbye.”
This whole episode was indeed a blast for me!

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Anonymous said...

nice, we don't have to watch it now. lol... thanks.

Soraya said...

My apologies for giving out details on last week's episode. I couldn't help it as each part was very exciting. I've placed the warnings now. Thank you for reading! 'Till the next episodes! :)