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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Okay I really don't know why I just found this out today and frankly I'm very disappointed with myself, and the only reason I found out is because a friend asked me to look up Greenwich's delivery number. Apparently since 2007 Greenwich introduced a service called "Delivereach" which allows you to send a pizza (or more if you're really feeling generous) to anybody in the Philippines. There's also a service called "Pizza Padala" which let's you send Greenwich products from virtually anywhere around the world, provided you have a credit card and internet access of course. Check the break for more details and start considering sending this poor geek a pizza or two.

Delivereach is as easy as 4 steps and would require you to go to a Greenwich store or have the payment picked up, which requires a nominal fee of course. Here's what you have to do.

1. Call Greenwich Delivery (55555) or visit your local store to order

2. Give out recipients details. If you're sending it over to GeekPinoy here's what you need:


You can also contact me through in case you want to send me some food too.

3. Pay to the store or have your payment picked up. If your having it picked up you'll have to pay additional 50PHP.

4. Greenwich will send you an SMS confirming delivery. So I'm assuming they need your contact details too.

If you live somewhere else around the world and would want to send us meal packages check out these links.

Pinoy88 and Express Regalo

I'm assuming you know that asking for food is part of the sarcasm but if you want to take it seriously and send something our way there really isn't anyway we can stop you. And since we're on the Greenwich topic and all if any of you geeks know John Lloyd Cruz please tell him we want to expose his geeky side through an informal interview.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Greenwich