LongURL Expands Suspicious Shortened URL's For Safer Web Browsing

Monday, April 26, 2010

Shortened URL's are very useful when you tweet a lot and share quite a few links to your friends. Problem is guys who like to spread malware and viruses also use shortened URL's to get you to click harmful links. That's why I only click links from people I trust no matter how tempting the message about the link is. Now there's a way to know where the shortened links go with a little help from LongURL. All you have to do is paste the shortened URL and LongURL will show you the full link so you can see if it's a legit link or some kind of bait for you to get something nasty on your computer. Check it out on the source and take it out for a spin.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: LongURL


Atika Ramlan said...

yea,i'm still thinking those shortened url looks like spammers/malware..although i knew some r just using it to make it short

jab said...

same here... never clicked on a shortened URL until I found this...