Murloc Fish-Eye and Gibbergil World of Warcraft Action Figure Review

Monday, April 05, 2010

Here we are with our last World of Warcraft figure for Series 4 and I have to say that this set is really interesting because it focuses on the secondary races available in World of Warcraft. This time we have the Murlocs Fish-Eye and Gibbergil up for review and I have to say that these guys are the brightest colors we've seen to date in DC Unltd's line of Warcraft figures and when I say bright I mean it in a good way. So head on to the break and see what we have to say.

As always we start of with a little background about the race courtesy of WoW Wiki:

The murloc is a bipedal, amphibious humanoid race residing along coastlines, lakeshores, and riverbeds. Murlocs possess bulbous bodies, large mouths lined with rows of sharp fangs, and slime-coated skin. Individuals range in coloration from turquoise to darkish grey, while their heights vary from 3-1/2 feet to 6 feet. Depending on the variety, murlocs may lean towards a closer resemblance to frogs or to fish; the iconic green murlock, for example, has coloration similar the Cuban Tree frog.

These guys haven't showed up in any other media in the World of Warcraft lore so let's just go ahead with reviewing the action figure. Nothing new with the packaging, you can obviously see that these guys are connected to the base. Although you get two figures everything still feels light when I lift it but I guess that's to be expected with the size of these guys.

All in all you get three pieces the main figure or figures and the spear. Both Fish-Eye and Gibbergil are attached to the base so it still counts as one piece, just in case you were wondering. I wonder why the sculptor decided not to give the guy on the top a weapon of his own. The spear seem simple enough with a small shell for the tip.

There's virtually no difference with the spear on or off so we'll just go ahead and skip the turn around without the spear if that's okay with you guys. They look like they're poised to attack with a big group and over run the enemy with their massive numbers, which I'm sure is what Murlocs do in World of Warcraft.

I'm really liking how the eyes have some kind of soft plastic that really helps give them a real fish eye look. Although it easily glares on the point and shoot camera I use to take these pictures I assure you that the eyes look great on both of 'em. Colors look great on both figures as well as the sculpts, consistency of the scales around the major parts of the figures area  very much appreciated. If you take a closer look at the green guy's teeth you'll notice some of the plastic seems to have melted, I'm not sure if this is entirely on purpose but I like it, it looks like saliva which is a great addition to the figure.

You really can't go wrong with bright colors on fish or frog creatures. Any combination would definitely look good given that it doesn't spill out to parts like the bracelets or any other stuff that isn't part of the body.

The hands and arms look great and I'm glad they didn't have scales or else it would look exaggerated. Small accessories like the bracelets and armlets look great on the blue guy.

I'm really curious as why the blue guy had all the weapons and not even one for the green guy. Not even a small knife like the one that's on the left leg of the blue guy. The stand is another small thing that you can easily forget, but it holds both Murlocs up and it also has great details on it. Just look a that stump it even has it's own barnacles attached to it for authenticity.

Murlocs look great and if you have spare change to buy more of these guys then please send me a group or mass image of these guys. I feel that these guys would look great when posed with about 4 more sets of Murlocs, that would be epic! By the way, this figure stands at about 6.5" at it's highest point. Sure it's a small figure and one that's really not a prominent figure in Warcraft lore but you get bright colors and guys that look like fish or frogs dumped in toxic waste what else can you ask for?

Posted by Jab Escutin
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