Nokia Knock-Off: Sleek Design and Form Factor If You Don't Mind It Being Fake

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's really sad that we have come to a point wherein we are used to seeing gadget knock off's, but sometimes we come across something that's notable. Like this mobile phone my friend has. It's touting itself as the Nokia O1 Series phone which obviously wasn't from the guys over at Finland unless she got lucky and scored a prototype. It's a sideway slider with a full on qwerty keyboard and it's about half the size of an iPod Touch. Oh and yeah, it's got a resistive touchscreen too. It looks neat and probably neat enough to have it's own brand. Too bad the guys that made it decided to slap a fake Nokia brand on it. I got some face time with so check the break for some cool comparison photos with an iPod Touch and some impressions.

Just to be clear, as far as I know Nokia doesn't have an "O" series yet let alone an "O1" series.

It's a fairly small device with a touch screen that's really puny to be able to do something decent with your bare fingers, the guitar pick like thing at the end of the strap is what they use to do all the on-screen navigating. Much like the ones you see on the Nokia devices.

It slides sideways using the big hole on the lower right as the turning point. As I said it's got a full qwerty keypad with some secondary function and shortcut keys. It seems to be running some sort of Symbian knock-off with all the menus and icons feeling mighty similar to Nokia's platform. I wonder if this thing can run Android? Then again anything can run Android, I think the rock on my yard can run Android too given the right ports. As expected the screen has a slow response time f it ever does respond but I haven't had time to test it and I don't think I'd go through all that trouble. But my friend says she can send and receive messages and that's all she needs.

The back is completely bare and shiny, aside from the 3.2 Megapixel camera. I'm still skeptical about the camera but let's just give it the benefit of the doubt. Cough V-G-A cough... I'm sure I can get the battery out if I was feeling up to it. You won't see any ports aside from the mini-USB that's covered so I'm assuming you do all the charging and file managing using that. And there's also the volume controls next to it.

It's really interesting to see innovations like this pop up from "unlicensed" manufacturers and if you're really into a new sleek and compact form factor you might want to pick this up. That's if you're not too keen on it running slow or crashing. But hey, at least it looks good.

Posted by Jab Escutin