Scourge Ghoul Rottingham World of Warcraft Action Figure Review

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We're on to Series 5 of World of Warcraft action figures and it looks like this set isn't letting us down. This time we have the Scourge Ghoul Rottingham up for review and I have to say he looks rather bloody, which is a good thing when done right. Rottingham stands at 7.25" at his highest point and features great details as well as bloody colors all around. So let's take the jump and get a taste of this bloody mess.

Here's a clip from WoW Wiki about Ghouls in World of Warcraft.

Ghouls (a.k.a. ghouls of the Scourge) act as the shock troops for the Scourge. These lumbering, rotting corpses were once innocent townsfolk who have made the final transition into true undeath. Ghouls have great stamina and revel in combat with living beings. Ghouls are ravenous cannibals who can replenish their health by devouring the flesh of fallen warriors, friend and foe alike.
With that said here's a look at the packaging. Ghouls don't carry any kind of weapon or accessory so we only get the main figure.

Here's Rottingham giving us the turn around with all the bloody bandages and rotting flesh. I really like his pose it's simple yet so very... hhmmm... what's that word again... UNDEAD! At first I really thought this figure would be a huge let down in terms of design and colors but the more I look at him the more I'm getting to like the great design of rotting flesh and blood.

Here's a closer look at Rottingham's face. Now that's a face only an undead mother can love. I know he looks ugly and maybe that's why this figure's so great, the designer wanted the action figure to look ugly because he's part of the undead but he does it in a great way. Just look at those blue eyes and over grown teeth.

The hands are well... bloody as you can see. He looks like he dipped his whole arm in a pool of blood and frankly it looks great. In a morbid kind of way. Whoever did the colors on Rottingham sure knew what blood looked like. The blood looks a little shiny which is very realistic not to mention the great details on the bandages and rotting flesh and bones.

The torso or whatevers left of it looks great. I'm sure it was very hard to put in consistent details like rotting flesh and bone. I personally like the way the rib bone sticks out. Just look at the details on the rotting skin and muscle tissue, you quickly realize that Rottingham may not have any kind of fancy weapon or accessories but the great details on the sculpt makes up for it.

The feet are also blood dipped and looks so bloody realistic.

If I wasn't a World of Warcraft Action Figure collector I would most likely have skipped on picking up Rottingham but now that I've gotten a closer look he's quickly making his way to be one of my favorite figures and that's saying a lot since he doesn't have any kind of weapon or accessories, just rotting flesh and a great way to incorporate blood.

Posted by Jab Escutin
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atanium said...

this the first action figure that i saw that even a nails are well detailed even i don't like on how it looks like.

For sure this would be another good collectibles for those WOW enthusiast there.

Right now Id stopped my monthly subscription to try the other games but i guess this ghoul really back my memories while playing wow along with a guide for gold capping and profession guide!

jab said...

i know i'll never have time to play World of Warcraft so I just collect these figures...

vimmryan said...

Wow, great review! I have seen this figure hundreds of times (online) and never once thought about getting it. This review with its excellent pictures have completely changed my mind. I am going to get this guy now and place him next to Arthas when he comes out in November (I hope November anyway).

Jab said...

@vimmryan - thanks! He maynot be as big as the other figures but he gets all the details and rotting flesh just right.

JohnnyQ said...

What camera are you using? Why do your pictures always look better than the actual thing? I've seen the Rottingham figure. It's not as detailed as your pictures. :|

Jab said...

@JohnnyQ - I just use a regular point and shoot digital camera. Maybe I was lucky with the fig I got.