Alathena Moonbreeze World of Warcraft Action Figure Review

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sorry about the delay in reviewing Warcraft Action Figures, life's been catching up to me and I didn't have time to do the unboxing and stuff. Hopefully this figure is worth the wait and I have to say Alathena Moonbreeze takes the top spot when it comes to the sexiest Warcraft Figure yet. Although she hasn't appeared in any other medium yet her looks and design really deserve more attention and exposure. So take the jump and see if this Night Elf Hunter is worth the space on your display shelf.

The Night Elf Hunter Alathena Moonbreeze also comes with her trusty pet Sorna. To the dismay o many she was originally advertised as having white hair but the designers felt that she was better of with blue hair instead. I personally like her with white hair though.

All in all you only get two pieces out of the clamshell. I originally assumed that Sorna would be detachable but hey whatever works for the packaging. You only get the main figure and the top half of the bow, and don't go looking for an arrow. Her pose indicates that she already shot it. But she does have a quiver on her side.

Here's the turn around for a look at the different angles. Her pose combined with Sorna's wings is the best thing I like about Alathena. She feels so alive with the pose unlike most of the figures we've reviewed so far.

Here's a closer look at her face. She looks cute and all being a Night Elf but I'd still go for Sister Benedron's bad ass shadowform face.

Here's a closer look at the hands. Unfortunately the colors aren't as good as Taamura's hands and nails. I really think that whoever colored the nails and hands really didn't care about the details. Hopefully we see something different on the other parts. I like the wrist guards though. And there's something about the feather theme that I really like, hopefully I can point it out before I finish this review.

Okay, if Azeroth or any other place in World of Warcraft needed an underarm model Alathena would probably first pick. Being a Night Elf I'm sure she goes for the natural stuff to keep her underarm smooth. I'm starting to like the Night Elf fashion, female fashion that is. I guess hunters don't really need all that heavy armor. I'm glad she doesn't have any kind of mold marks on the torso because that would really ruin the whole sexy design. The nature loving fashion statement really works for Alathena, being a Night Elf and all.

Although it's mostly covered by her pet Sorna she has a beautiful shoulder guard, which I'm guessing where Sorna rests or lands on. Same feathery design and which has great colors.

Luckily the guy who designed her didn't forget the quiver of arrows otherwise I'd think she's shooting blanks.

Here's a look at her gorgeous waistline. In case you're curious and I know you are, she's wearing a thong under that piece of cloth.

Somebody should make Alathena's boots. Cosplayers would definitely go for 'em.

Don't worry, we didn't forget about Sorna.

So would I recommend Alathena Moonbreeze? If you love sexy figures and a lot of great curves she definitely has a place on your display shelf if not your horny little geek heart. I'm off to see if I can make a white haired custom. Assuming I have the freaking time.

Posted by Jab Escutin
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