Barbie Themed Hotel Room Is For The Spoiled Brat With Filthy Rich Parents

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I guess hotels are starting to realize that people with certain collections and hobbies, or should I say obsessions, are worth a lot of money. Any geek with enough dough to burn would definitely want to experience anything related to their obsessions. See that image above? That's a Barbiefied room over at the Plaza Athénée. It's safe to say the hotel's market are people who are totally brain dead to anything related to Barbie, and yes, they know that not only rich kids would want to stay in this bright pink room, ages would actually range from 3 to whatever. The price to stay a night? USD 2,076!!! Yup you read it right that's two thousand seventy six US dollars a NIGHT! I won't even bother converting that to peso. That's including a connecting room for your filthy rich parents too, just in case you wanted to buy something else. Like a Barbiefied limousine.

Here's a clip from Plaza Athénée's Facebook Page.

Barbie moves in to the Plaza Athénée!

From August 6th until September 2nd 2010, two rooms at the hotel will be entirely re-decorated exclusively with Barbie furniture, accessories and other items. The Plaza Athénée brings to life the secret dreams of little girls!

Looks like you only have until September 2nd to convince or tantrumize your way to a reservation here. So get to it you spoiled little brat!

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Plaza Athénée via HotelChatter