Glee Season 1 Ep. 19: Dream On – A Round Of Applause for Neil Patrick Harris!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hi Gleeks! Welcome to another Glee Episode Review!
Yes, Neil Patrick Harris is the guest star in the 19th episode of Glee, “Dream On.” From Doogie Howswer, MD to Barney to Brian Ryan on Glee! I must say it was a real pleasure seeing him play another unique character, opposite Matthew Morrison or Mr. Will Schuester. In this blast from the past episode, Neil Patrick Harris, or Brian Ryan on Glee, excellently portrayed his role with Mr. Schuester. I couldn’t stop being excited the whole time!

Join me Gleeks in this Glee Episode Review and know more about this new character and another revelation!


As we all know, Mr. Will Schuester had his own share in show choir and thought that he will make it big time in the real world after high school. But then again, he came back to his old school to teach Spanish. Then formed the Glee Club to share his talent and let the children know that they are not losers at all. But before all these happened, there was Will Schuester back in high school, loner and envied Brian Ryan who made his life a living hell. Brian Ryan (Neil Patrick Harris) had it all. He was smart, got all the girls, knows how to sweep them off their feet, landed the major solos, etc. It was all that Will wanted. Now, Mr. Brian Ryan is back in the school as one of the school board and the first in his agenda is to cut off Glee! Yes folks, he’s like a guy version of Ms. Sue Sylvester!

Brian met with all of the glee members to have a little chat. This was awkward because he asked them to write their dreams on paper. Then, since Artie was the closest in distance from him, he ripped off the paper, crumpled it and threw it to the trash bin. So much for encouraging dreams! His main point was that those dreams will never come true and that he was just saving them from pain and disappointment. Neil Patrick was really annoying and but was very credible too. He was the type who’d make you go berserk every time he makes his pass on you.
Meanwhile, Artie and Tina talk about what just happened. But what Artie didn’t know is that Tina picked up the piece of paper where Artie wrote his dream. And his dream? To be a dancer, to simply be able to move his feet and dance. Tina offered him to do a number for the Glee. A dance number.

Now, Jesse’s back and on to being Rachel’s boyfriend. As they were catching up, Rachel told him that she has always wondered who her real mother is. And Jesse was very supportive and determined to help her find out.

Tina and Artie practiced. Tina was dancing with tap shoes and Artie is still on his wheelchair. Artie tried to use some crutches but he failed and fell. He blamed Tina for pushing him to dance. Poor Tina, she was just trying to boost Artie’s confidence and reach his dream.
Schue is still trying to convince Brian not to cut off glee. Even for old time’s sake. so they were in a bar, had a few drinks and talked about what happened with their lives. Schue found out that Brian didn’t quite make it that’s why he’s bitter with the Glee Club. Schue played Billy Joel’s “The Piano Man” and encouraged Brian to sing again. He got his confidence back and Schue invited him to an audition for Les Mis.

Meanwhile, Rachel thinks that her mother is some huge theater star. Jesse is determined to help her further and do a major investigation. One question though: why is he soooooooo interested to know? Because….

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Tina made some research on Artie’s condition and raised his hope that he can walk and dance in the future. Artie bought a pair of tap shoes as well. Then a surprise… he told Tina that he started to have some therapies and he can now move his feet! And surprise! He sang and danced! Woohoo! This was really super! Artie sure looked cute as he performed Men Without Hats’ “Safety Dance.” After watching that, I wished that Artie wasn’t in a wheelchair anymore. He actually deserves to have his own solo or number. Bravo Artie! Too bad, it was just in his thoughts.
Now Rachel and Jesse start their hunt. It was just funny because Rachel said that her fathers documented her whole life and they made like a Rachel Berry museum. Kind of creepy huh? Well, maybe it’s just really like that when you’re a parent. You put your child on a pedestal. Can’t wait to have own! Going back, they got some boxes and started digging. It just seemed that Jesse was finding Rachel a little too creepy. First of all, they actually kept Rachel’s first tooth! Second, she got her first place trophy for singing when she was 8 months old! Then Jesse planted a tape entitled “From Mother To Daughter.” But Rachel was not ready to listen to it yet and she forced Jesse to just go home. And the revelation: the reason why Jesse befriended Rachel, to the point that he transferred school is that the Vocal Adrenalin Coach, Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel), is Rachel’s mother! Yes, that’s why they look very much alike! Shelby asked Jesse to befriend Rachel so that she can get to know her daughter too. Because of the laws and contract she signed when she gave Rachel, she can’t introduce herself to her or have any contact with Rachel until she becomes an adult. And message on the tape? Well, it was a song from Les Mis “I Dreamed A Dream.” This was dramatic as Shelby and Rachel sang together. My oh my! They really look alike! And Idina Menzel is a good theater actress.

Now, Sue is trying to convince Brian to cut Glee. But instead Brian said that the Cheerios is getting too much and wants to cut half of their budget! Uh-oh… Sue is furious! And the next thing I knew Sue and Brian were talking about having anger sex! And Sue actually has a secret room! Very prepared!

Brian is all out in supporting Glee that he even had denim jackets and costumes made as well as song lists from famous Broadway Plays! But then again here comes Sue! She interrupted them all and just blurted that Will got the role of Jean Valjean and Brian was one of the townsmen which only had one speaking line. Of course, Brian’s ego was deeply bruised and took back everything and promised Will that Glee is out. Uh-oh… There goes Sue again! Always have the perfect timing!

Brian is now practicing for his one line. Schue approached him again, one more shot at convincing. Finally, he just offered his role to Brian, in exchange of keeping Glee. And just like that, he agreed. Maybe Brian just needed something to make him feel good about himself and lessen his sourgraping.
For the finale, Tina continued with her number. Artie is now content with how he is. After he talked to Emma, he realized that being able to walk would take time and he was kind of short before Tina’s performance. So instead, he just sang Mama Cass’ “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” while Tina and Mike danced.
This was another jam packed episode. I still couldn’t get over the fact that Shelby is Rachel’s mom! Well, let’s all watch next time and ‘till my next Glee Episode Review! In the meantime, Dream On Gleeks!

PS - Hey Pinoy Gleeks! I'm not sure if you noticed but when Artie was dancing in the mall, a shot of our favorite fastfood
JOLLIBEE was on the background! It's really cool! Now people are trending on this and calling it as JolliGlee! Woohoo! Geek... Pinoy... Proud!

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