Get Ready to Pull Your Eyes Out! It's Another iPad Unboxing!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thanks to a concerned sister and a loving Father, we now have our very own iPad. Oh yeah it's not just any ordinary iPad it's a whopping 64GB iPad! Now I know most of you are already sick and tired of all the iPad unboxing pestering the web but I really have to post this one as we might miss out on a lot of things if I don't post this. So if you're up to it check the break for the full unboxing and some first impressions.

As most of you already know the iPad comes in a white box that's similar in design to the iPhone 3GS. When you open the box you immediately see the beautiful capacitative screen which is covered in plastic. Now I'm not sure why but the guys over at Apple decided to put the iPad in a plastic pouch rather than the usual seals we find in iPhones and iPod Touch's, maybe because of the size of the screen but hey it works and that's all that counts.

When you lift up the iPad you'll immediately be greeted by a small flap which you can again raise and reveal the dock connector we all know and love with the 10-watt adapter to juice up your iPad. The flap you lifted earlier keeps the welcome packet and some quick start tips including a couple of stickers.

As usual you'll be greeted by the edit homescreen pop up which then takes you to the home page of the iPad.

The back is completely aluminum which I'm guessing would take the grunt of scratches when we put this down on a hard surface. Beside the dock connector you'll see some speaker screens which by the way busts out some decent sounds.

On the upper right side you'll see the familiar volume controls and the switch that locks the orientation of the iPad. On the top you'll see the sleep button and the 3.5mm headphone jack and a small hole which I'm guessing is the mic.

The iPad is a product of great industrial design and Apple really sticks to minimizing or eliminating any kind of moving parts. The aluminum casing is a nice touch but I can't shake the feeling that this feels a little bit slippery. Now that we have one of these babies expect a couple of iPad App reviews here and there. Assuming we have the time.

Posted by Jab Escutin
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