Blizzard Moves Into the Philippines! Nuclear Launch Detected!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

With Sony's PS3 marking it's territory here in the Philippines it's no surprise a lot of other video game companies are moving over to the Philippines and officially recognizing us as a gaming country. I mean we haven't heard of anyone actually dying in the internet cafes due to heavy online playing but we're still hardcore in our own right. We just got word that Blizzard Entertainment is officially moving into the Philippines thanks to IAHGames. I read that they're actually adding or moving game servers over to Singapore for much better latency here in our region. I think it's to service Starcraft 2 players here among other games like World of Warcraft and most likely Diablo 3 when it comes out. Starcraft 2 is set to be released on July and I'm sure IAHGames is busy organizing local events to launch this great game to us here in the Philippines. It's really good to know that geeks in the Philippines are getting the attention they long for in an industry that's basically dominated by the rich countries. Check the source links to get more info.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: IAHGames via Techie