Pinoy Geeks Have All the Fun With Electromagnetic Tentacle Shirts

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What happens when you let your favorite geek icon roam around the streets of the Philippines? You get Electromagnetic Tentacle Shirts that's what you get! The shirts they make are instant inside jokes that only a certified geek and Pinoy would understand. Like the image you see above, you won't get that Spiderman/Venom parody unless you've spent some considerable time here in the Philippines. And you have to spend it roaming the actual streets you condo-loving high-end village living brat. I'd probably kick myself in the gonads right now if I could because I just found out they were at the second day of the 9th Philippine ToyCon. It would have been nice to see the creative team and their great Geek Culture/Pinoy Parody Mashups up close. Each shirt is a guaranteed laugh and would cost you PHP 500.00, you can check on their initial designs after the break and get more information on the usual source link.

I'm grabbing the Spiderfight shirt as soon as I get over my financial "misunderstanding". Can't wait to see the second wave of shirts from these guys.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: ElectromagneticTentacles