Glee Season 1 Ep. 20: Theatricality – And Now… Lady Gaga!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Up for more Lady Gaga? Well, the kids of New Directions are! Yes Gleeks! Welcome back to another Glee Episode Review. This time, the kids re-discover themselves and find out that doing a Lady Gaga number is very liberating. But what about the boys? Did they sing Lady Gaga too? Well Gleeks, you just have to stick around and read on!
Enjoy this Glee Episode Review as I show you the different issues that swirled this episode!


Issue 1: Goth is equal to vampires and bats
Tina gets into trouble with Principal Figgins. What??? Yes Gleeks, our Asian girl just got invited to the principal’s office. And for what? Well, Figgins doesn’t like her gothic look. He thinks it influences more “Twilight” fans and inviting students to become vampires. You know, I’m really starting to think how Figgins makes his decisions. Anyway, Tina was warned to change her ways right away. In Tina’s defense, she is really shy and she expresses herself with clothes. Ever since I saw her on Glee, she was really the type who would sit in the corner and listen.

Issue 2: Moving In
Now, Finn’s mom is moving in with Kurt’s dad! Kurt is so enthused in redecorating his room since they would have to share it now. Knowing Kurt, he would really go out of the limits when it comes to decorating. He assured Finn that he will incorporate both of their personalities when he redecorates. Finn, so far, is still speechless. But is this really going to work?

Issue 3: This Week’s Assignment
The group is brainstorming what Tina’s new look would be. Rachel enters the room and told them that Vocal Adrenaline is doing a new routine – Lady Gaga! The whole group, well all the girls and Kurt, were in panic as they know a lot about Lady Gaga and they know that Vocal Adrenaline will totally hit it! Thus, this week’s assignment, Gaga! The girls were so excited! Pumped up with planning their costumes of course. The performances? The girls and Kurt were in full costume and sang “Bad Romance” while the boys were in full make up and unitards as they sang “Shout It Out Loud” by Kiss! My ratings for these songs? G10/B10! They were all great and I loved that they placed efforts with their make up and costumes. Just look at Puck in his unitard-WOW!

Issue 4: Boys are not gaga over Lady Gaga!
This time, the boys stood up for themselves and said no to Lady Gaga inspired performance. I mean, really, our cute hunks in theatrical costumes? So instead, they gave their own rendition of “Shout It Out Loud” by Kiss. Complete with their unitards and make up, they totally hit it off. And they’re even cuter! Arty looked feisty too. However, the two football guys weren’t Lady Gaga fans either and they harassed Tina and Kurt for wearing their costumes. Finn got his turn of being bullied too for living with Kurt. Boys have such issues!

Issue 5: The Girls Spill It Out!
Rachel developed the habit of sneaking in Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal and spy. This time, she brought Quinn and Mercedes with her. Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel), Vocal Adrenaline’s Coach, was polishing some steps with her group and explained the true meaning of Theatricality. That it involved personality and attitude. I searched some definitions and what struck me was that theatricality is the affectedly dramatic gestures or behavior. Very Lady Gaga indeed! In line with her explanation, she sang her point through a Barbara Streisand song, “Funny Girl.” Very powerful performance, in my opinion. Too powerful, I think, as Rachel felt the connection and bravely approached Shelby and just blurted out she’s her daughter! However, the mother-daughter meeting she was hoping for wasn’t really how it happened. They were both in shock. Shelby was thrilled to see her daughter. But there was no “slow-motion-running-to-each-other’s arms” kind of moment. Meanwhile, Mercedes and Quinn told the whole Glee about Rachel and all were in awe. Schuester was worried though about Rachel and how she would handle it that is why he talked to Shelby and laid out things straight for Rachel’s benefit.

Issue 6: Redecorating In Full Swing
Kurt redecorated his room to fit Finn’s masculinity. This time, Morocan inspired, with all of the lamps and scarves. Finn wasn’t too happy as he wasn’t really used to all of those. Kurt was always trying to reach out to him but Finn was hesitant, trying to preserve what’s left of his rep. Kurt even offered to help him to take his make-up off but he refused and even got into another argument. This time, when Finn saw the room, he wasn’t too pleased and started describing each item in the room as “faggy.” Kurt’s dad heard everything. Tension builds as he confronted Finn and told him that he can’t treat Kurt that way. Finn was silent the whole time. I really admire Kurt’s dad for standing up for Kurt. Despite being a toughie, he’s still supportive of his son. To all the great dads out there, including my one of a kind Dad, Happy Father’s day!

Issue 7: Jackie Daniels If Their Baby Is A Girl
Puck wants to name their baby either Jack Daniels or Jackie Daniels if the baby was a girl. Quinn is definitely soooooooooo not going to raise their child with Puck. As an apology, Puck performed another Kiss song “Beth.” He even sentimentally asked Quinn if he could be there when she gives birth.

Issue 8: Biologically The Mother, But Not Really The Mom
The Shelby-Rachel relationship didn’t really flourish as I thought it would. But that’s what I like about Glee, it’s unpredictable. To save each other from more emotional stress, Shelby visited Rachel to say goodbye. She admitted she was really eager to meet her daughter and when she saw Rachel, she was proud and happy. But the connection was not there anymore and they’re better off to continue on with their lives. But Shelby was graceful enough to grant Rachel’s request to sing together. They sang a very nice version of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” Well, something things just don’t work out and we have to move on. But can you just imagine their tandem together? Two powerful voices!

Issue 9: Tina Wants To Be Who She Really Is
She refused to conform to the norm. Not because she’s a rebel but because that wasn’t her personality. She’s different and she knows it. Glee accepts her and loves her for who she is. So what better way to break the news to Principal Figgins than to scare him? Tina, dressed in a vampire costume, talked to Figgins, claimed she’s the daughter of the leader of a vampire clan and the most vicious clan of all, the Asians! It was really funny how the principal would fall for something like that! But hey, it worked for her anyway.

Issue 10: Super Gaga-ish Finn To The Rescue!
Another chance for Tina and Kurt to get cornered but the two football boys. But Finn, out of nowhere, appeared in his Lady Gaga inspired shower curtain couture and saved Kurt from getting his face smashed. Dramatically, the whole Glee was behind him too and drove the bad guys away. In the end, they were freaky in their own quirky ways. Then on to the regionals!
My Issue: Where are you Sue? Cooking something up, huh?
I apologize for the delay, Geeks! I’ll make sure to make up for those episodes! See yah Geeks!

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