Glee Season 1 Episode 22: Journey – The Season Finale

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Regionals. New Directions recuperating from all of the tension, stress and clinical depression they endured last week from all the surprise acts and trashing that Vocal Adrenaline gave them. This time, would they be able to stand up for themselves? Who will win? What will happen?

Join me in this Glee Episode Review and find out!


Judge Sue Sylvester…????
Show starts with Sue surprising Will that she’s one of the judges at the Regionals. New Directions lost it again and felt they’d get messed up since Sue has control over the whole competition. Will she really mess things up for New Directions? ….

The 1st Annual New Directions Set List Nomination
Everybody was depressed and sulking because they know that with Sue as a judge, they’re toast. Rachel just wanted to take the time to remember what they loved about being in glee before it dissolves. Meanwhile, Quinn, being in her 9th month of pregnancy, was remembering how she got into her predicament.

Emma The Guidance Counselor
Will turned to Emma for some catharsis. He wants to have some kind of guidance on how he could help his kids. Emma was nice enough to listen to Will. However, it was inevitable that the conversation would lead to their relationship. Emma told Will that she’s seeing her dentist now. That crushed Will. Very nice timing. I guess, when it rains, it really pours, huh?

It’s not the destination, it’s the JOURNEY!
Will was driving and suddenly couldn’t contain himself anymore and he pulled over. Then came across Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” on his radio. He got his inspiration from the song and decided to do a Journey medley. I thought it was a nice choice especially with the powerful voices that New Directions had. The whole group was all pumped now.

The Regionals
The group, dressed lovely in black and gold was excited to sing. But they were crushed again when they knew that the judges were Sue, Josh Groban, Olivia Newton-John and the news anchor in Ohio. Will didn’t have much to say to them anymore except that they were there to sing their hearts out. I also liked it when he told them that their edge was Finn’s dancing.
New Directions sang “Faithfully,” “Any Way You Want It,” “Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’” and of course, “Don’t Stop Believing.” I must say, it was a lovely performance that also got some standing ovation. The kids were psyched and they knew they were going to win. Back in the dressing room, Quinn’s mother showed up, told her that she had left her husband (Quinn’s father) and even invited Quinn to raise her baby in their house and they’ll make a lovely nursery. All that Quinn could say was: “My water just broke.”

“My daughter’s having a baby!” – Quinn’s Mother
That’s right, the whole group, except for Rachel, all rushed to the hospital for Quinn. Rachel stayed behind to watch Vocal Adrenaline perform Queens’ “Bohemian Rhapsody.” This episode was so full, they had to do the performance and Quinn’s giving birth at the same time. But which was so symbolic especially when Quinn was also screaming the lyrics of the song, at the same time the group was performing on stage.
Quinn asked Mercedes to be with her when she gives birth. Puck was there too, watching her. Quinn though was shouting “You suck!” at him about three times. The baby came out at the same time Jesse’s song finished.

One more time, Mama…
Rachel approached Shelby again, in her attempt to be close with her mother. Rachel even invited Shelby to be co-director for New Directions. But Shelby wanted to have a new life. She was tired of coaching the glee. She wanted to have a life of her own. She already gave up Rachel and she didn’t want that to happen again. Rachel just left the room, heartbroken…

The Judging
Sue was eager to cast their votes. The judges explained who they think was in or out. In the course of the discussion, Sue turned out to be defending the New Directions kids as they were attacked on how they looked, their costumes and their image of soul and hope. Then Sue was attacked! The judges ganged up and made Sue look like an eager underachiever. Sue was furious. And when she casted her vote…
Vocal Adrenaline won and New Directions didn’t even place.

Quinn was looking at her daughter and was talking to Puck, asked him if he loved her at all. Puck said “Yes, especially now.”
All of a sudden, Shelby Cochran was beside them, looking at their baby. She asked what the name was and Puck said, “Beth.” Quinn still decided to give up her child.
Shelby, in her new life, wanted to be a mother too. So she adopted Beth.

Emma Pillsbury was so furious at Principal Figgins for letting Sue judge, and suspected that Sue cheated. She was so frustrated that Will was very calm at everything. All that Will said was that “a deal is a deal.” Then diverted the conversation to their relationship and kissed her.

To Sir With Love – New Directions Version
The kids prepared a song for Will as a tribute of how Glee changed their lives. Each of them gave their own piece of story and dedicated the song to their director, Will Schuester. Little that they know, Sue was also there, watching them. She was also moved by the song and the gesture that tears rolled down her cheeks. I guess your tear ducts are still working, Sue!

The End of the Black Mail
As a result, Sue went to Principal Figgins to harass him again with her blackmail “sexual scandal.” But Figgins didn’t care anymore because he finally had the guts to tell his wife about it. So Sue just begged him and asked that he give the Glee club another year. Yes folks, it’s Sue who made the way for another season of Glee! Thanks Sue!

To Gloat or Not To Gloat
Sue was always up to piss off Will. But this time, she approached him to deliver good news. First, she told Will that she really admires how Will handles the group, his bravery and efforts to make the kids feel good about themselves. And also, she couldn’t bear the thought of a year without continuous fights with Will. Will was surprised and was very thankful. Sue does have a good heart, it just takes the last episode for us to see.

Tribute Part 2
Now it was Will’s turn to show how much he appreciates the children. He sang Judy Garlan’s “Over The Rainbow.” And when he delivered the news to everyone, it was a riot!

Well Gleeks, it was one good ride for the first season of Glee, don’t you think? I truly enjoyed the show and I’m really looking forward to the next season! But for now, patience is a virtue.
See you all again, Gleeks! Rock on!

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