Alliance Hero Lo'Gosh World of Warcraft Action Figure Review

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's been a while since we had a chance to review a Human warrior figure and the next one we are about to cover is basically the most important human warrior on DC Unltd's World of Warcraft Action Figure line to date. My friends the next figure we are about to review is the gladiator Lo'Gosh or better known as the Alliance Hero King Varian Wrynn, when he got his memories back. The Lo'Gosh figure stands at around 8.5" at it's highest point and features two bloody blades and a look that will make Conan the Barbarian green with envy. So go ahead and check the image heavy break to see all the great details on this figure.

Before we get in too deep on this figure, here's a couple of things you might want to know about Lo'Gosh from the guys over at WoWWiki.

Varian Wrynn, also known as Lo'Gosh the "Ghost Wolf", is the son of the late King Llane Wrynn and the current King of Stormwind. Following his disappearance en route to a diplomatic conference with the Horde, Varian's ten-year-old son Anduin Wrynn was named king in his place. However, events have led to his eventual return to his homeland and his rightful throne.

With that little detail out of the way here's a peek at the packaging.

You get three pieces all in all, the main figure, a whole sword and the blade of his other sword. Both bloody by the way, which is totally bad-ass.

Here's the turn around of the main figure without the bloody swords. As you can see it looks like he's trying to block a very powerful attack. Something very big is trying to hit him hard. Although he only has the handle of the sword on the left it still looks good because it looks like a weapon on it's own. The pose looks great but don't get me wrong, it looks very awkward with him being on his own.

Here's a closer look at his blades. As I said it's all bloody on the edges with a little of splatter here and there. I like how the blood looks darker on the actual edge of the blade, makes it look more real.

And here's the mighty Lo'Gosh with both blades held up high. See what I mean when I said the pose was awkward? I hope DC Unltd releases a figure that's attacking from above otherwise I'd be looking for a couple of Barbie Dolls to attack him from above. The figure actually has two articulation points on the left leg and the right ankle. Mainly to help the figure stand up on it's own. But I'm really having a hard time getting him to stand up straight, or I may just be a complete idiot at that kind of thing.

Here's a couple of close up shots of his face, which by the way are very detailed. I really like how they managed to color the small teeth and tongue without bleeding on to the other parts of the mouth. Not to mention the great work on the eyes. I like that he really looks like a gladiator, considering that he's actually a King. I'm sure DC Unltd will bust out a King version of him sooner or later.

The arms are huge! I'm thinking as big as an Orc, not like the puny arms on Archilon Shadowheart. Lo'Gosh has tree trunks compared to that wimpy guy. The hands are well done and full of details we would otherwise ignore but since this is a review we really appreciate the small things, literally. Each arm is covered with a plate of metal that has a couple of battle marks on it plus a little rust here and there, which really adds on to the slave/ gladiator look. You really can't expect him to have shiny armor now would'ya?

The shoulders are another thing I like about him. I'm glad only one shoulder has the armor. It really backs up the whole gladiator-slave look Lo'Gosh is going for. And like everything he wears it's made of crude materials fit for a guy fighting with things thrown his way. You see the blood spatter on his left shoulder? That may be the best detail on this figure, it totally rocks the whole bloody swords effect.

This guy is huge, and I mean Orc huge. I'm actually surprised that he's not half Orc or something. Steroids might have made their way to Azeroth. Just look at that torso. I really like the carvings on the leather strap, it looks Arcane. Not that I can understand any of that. But it looks cool and that's what counts.

The only thing I hate about this figure? The lion on his belt. It's supposed to be gold all over, but instead we get blue paint on it like it's supposed to be rust or something. How the hell do you get blue rust?

The lower part of the figure looks great. The shoes and the spikes really go with the whole slave theme. I'm just confused as to why he has a couple of feathers on the left boot. Other than that the torn leather jeans look great.

Lo'Gosh is a great figure, not that I like the pose too much but if you have a figure attacking from above than he'd make a great partner for this figure. You don't even have to like World of Warcraft to buy this figure. All you have to do is have a craving for big boned warrior figures and you'll love'em. You can even call him Conan if that helps you sleep at night.

Posted by Jab Escutin
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WarcraftGuide said...

Cool stuff!

JohnnyQ said...

I almost didn't recognize Lo'Gosh. HE'S EFFIN' UGLY AS AN ACTION FIGURE. He looks much better in the comics. :))

Jab said...

@JohnnyQ - LOL! I guess you're not a fan of Conan the barbarian figs. =)

JohnnyQ said...

@Jab - I've seen those...hahaha. You're right! Didn't like them either. :))

VincentVanGogh said...

"The only thing I hate about this figure? The lion on his belt. It's supposed to be gold all over, but instead we get blue paint on it like it's supposed to be rust or something. How the hell do you get blue rust?"

I was totally going to skip this figure until I saw him in person at my local comic shop. What caught my eye? The BEAUTIFUL and REALISTIC detail of, you guessed it, his belt buckle. That blue is not "blue rust", that's absurd, it's called "patina" and it's what happens when metals, such as bronze, age and oxidize.

VincentVanGogh said...

If you want to hate something, how about that fact that he stands like an idiot, that is, when you can get him to stand at all.

Jab said...

@VincentVanGogh - Thanks... learned something new there... I agree that the pose makes him look weird all on his own... Luckily haven't had a hard time making him stand...