Plants Vs Zombies Resin Sculpture - Because Zombies Are Attacking Your Office Desk

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The collectibles are pouring in over at the 9th Philippine ToyCon 2010! We knew it was inevitable and somebody had to do it eventually, these Plants Vs. Zombies resin sculptures are hand crafted by the very talented Mon Ontoy or better known as Montoy. For now we only have the pea shooter and the sunflower but I'm sure we'll get him to make all the plants if the bulk orders start coming in. Who knows, we might even get a zombie or two in the mix. I'm guessing each figure is about 2 inches tall with it's very own grass patch. The sunflower looks great but I feel the petals are a bit short but aside from that these guys would look great on any work desk to fend off all those zombies at the office. We have a couple more shots after the break.

Just in case you missed the price on the images it's PHP 180.00 or around USD 4.00 for each plant. If you want one of these pronto you can still catch Montoy at his booth over at the second day of the 9th Philippine ToyCon 2010 (Sunday June 20, 2010). If not, you can just go ahead and check on the source link to get in touch and see his other sculptures.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: It's a Montoy