You Have To Do 300 Moves In 60 Seconds To Win Against A Starcraft 2 Pro

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I always enjoyed playing Starcraft and Warcraft but I never had the chance or probably never dreamed of playing competitively. I guess my lazy brain already new the hassle of multitasking too much when playing competitively. PC Games or rather any game nowadays are very serious and there are a lot of people taking things to the extreme just to be number one and with good reason. Video game champs earn money and a lot of it. But I never imagined that you had to do 300 actions in 60 seconds just to be at par or have a sliver of a chance at being competitive with pro gamers. 300 moves in 60 seconds? How the hell do you do that? And most importantly what the hell are you doing with 300 moves every 60 seconds in Starcraft? I'm sure my brain will fry even before I get to 100 moves but for now just check on the demo after the break by a Korean Pro Gamer.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: ArsTechnica