ANA's Gundam Branded Boeing 777 Doesn't Transport Actual Gundams

Sunday, July 25, 2010

ANA's Gundam Branded Plane

It looks like Japan is really taking the 30th Anniversary of the Gundam Model Kits seriously, and why the hell not since they're going to use life-sized Gundams to rule the world. Apparently All Nippon Airways partnered with Bandai to produce it's first Gundam Branded Boeing 777 which will take Gundam crazed fans all over Japan. I'm pretty sure this is all a cover up, they're really testing ways to transport all those Gundams into enemy territory undetected. Why else would they have a decal of a Gundam lying on the other side of the plane? It's true! Check the break for all the video footage of it's maiden voyage.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: YouTube