Figurines Go Open Source With Blank Android Collectible Figures

Monday, July 26, 2010

Do It Yourself Android Collectible Figures

Dyzplastic is at it again and they're really getting into Google's Android. I'm sure you remember they released series one of their very successful Android collectibles figures with designs the employees themselves cooked up. Now they're giving everybody a chance to make their own customized Android figure in whatever image they so desire. Just as long as you have $6 to burn and a lot of patience. They've been selling limited numbers of the blank Android figures over at the San Diego Comic-Con each day so that they can spread the love to other Android fanatics. But if you really want a steady supply you might want to wait for their online store to start ramping up their stocks. A couple more images of the albino Android figure after the break.

Blank Android Collectible FigureBlank Android Collectible Figure

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Dyzplastic


FaBs said...

sir, any info on where to buy the android figure?

Jab said...

@FaBs - unfortunately I haven't seen any of these locally. You might want to try buying online.