Green Lantern Movie Previews With Ryan Reynolds' Glowing Costume

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Green Lantern Movie

I guess Ryan Reynolds will be the next guy to be worshiped by comic book fans all over the world or should I say Green Lantern Comic book fans including myself. Not too mention that he's sharing a bed with Scarlett Johansson. Ryan Reynolds landing the part of the cosmic cop is probably old news and I guess a lot of us are relieved to know that Justin Timberlake didn't make the cut because well... I don't know... maybe he was too curly I guess, among other things. Ryan Reynolds sure looks like Hal Jordan but I really can't shake the feeling that he's more of a comedic smart ass than what's necessary for the part. I just hope the director knows what he's doing because a lot of geeks are going to watch this movie armed with their own blogs to post about how great or terrible it is. We have the whole front cover if you want to see the whole costume.

Is it just me or does the mask look photoshopped? Or is it that terrible?

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: ComicsAlliance