HP Hit Print Video Ad Prints Out Each Animation Frame

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

With all the gadgets in the tech world none can be as boring as the printer. Yes, you can add a scanner a fancy touch screen LCD with a fancy menu but it still only does one thing; PRINT. And after a year or so you start to get all the nasty hiccups that go with a printer, namely paper jams, ink shortage and not to mention driver issues. All the boring details aside, printer manufacturers really need new ways to market their products and we have to give it up to HP for creating a very unique way to market their Photosmart Printers. The video after the break shows a couple of printers doing what they do best... printing, add a little time lapse speed effect and you have an animated flick made of actual print outs. I know it's confusing to read so just check out the video after the break.

Posted by jab Escutin
Source: TheAwesomer