Comic Odyssey Month-Long August Sale Probably Has Every Comic Book You Need

Friday, August 13, 2010

Comic Odyssey August Sale

I've been collecting comic books for over a decade now and I've tried different retailers here in the Philippines including Filbars, Comic Quest and even C.A.T.S. But with my experience none of them compare to the service I get from Comic Odyssey and Planet X Comics. They're basically owned by the same family from what I can figure out and the reason I like buying from these guys for the last five years is the friendly staff and reliable service they always have, not to mention the staff knows what they're actually selling. It really feels nice to buy collectibles from people who understand why the stuff they're selling is important to us and not give us weird looks when we purchase a plastic figure worth a month of our salary. Oh and compared to everybody else their price beats them to a pulp. So if you're planning to start a comic book collection I suggest you check out Comic Odyssey over at Robinson's Galleria which currently has a month long sale this August or if you live or work near the Makati Area Planet X Comics over at Glorietta would probably be able to give you what you need, except for Super Powers that is.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: ComicOdyssey