Google Penalty Do's and Don'ts - Google's Wrath Is Real!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

There comes a time in a blogger's life when everything just falls apart. For me it happened at the worst time ever, just when every gadget I use to blog broke down (laptop cord doesn't work, 10 year old desktop died on me) I just found out my blog got hit with a Google penalty. For you folks who aren't familiar with that dreaded term it means your site literally doesn't exist to Google. It's like they erased everything you worked on your blog and you will never be seen on any of Google's searches EVER! Even if you used to rank number 1 on certain keywords like... uhm... well... I don't know... "Warcraft Figure Review" and hundreds more keywords we've worked hard to rank for. We have all the figures here individually reviewed in detail and a whole lot of posts that are getting a lot of attention. So let this be a lesson to all you bloggers out there that need all the hits they can get, do not and I mean under any circumstances DO NOT go against Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

Just so everybody here is clear, it's not like I didn't expect all this to happen. I kind of did some stuff that I knew wasn't going to put me on Google's good side. I guess it was a proof of concept for me and like every inquisitive mind I tried to go against the flow and break a couple of rules. So if you're experimenting right now let me go ahead and point out the things I learned through experience. It's easy to follow and easy to break so don't go acting dumb like I did and save yourself the hassle of writing Google a "Site Reconsideration". Here's the stuff you have to avoid and the stuff that will help you win Google's good graces.


  • Make sure your site is user friendly (both to Google's Bots and Humans)
  • Speed up your site (If that flashy image or javascript is totally slowing you down it's not worth it)
  • Create a sitemap and submit it to Google Webmaster
  • Read all you can about SEO (I guess this is the first step for you so congratulations)


  • Don't drown your blog with links (too much links would get you a red flag and believe me you wouldn't want that)
  • Don't create Spam Sites that can be traced back to your Blogger, Adsense Account or any other account that can be linked to your legitimate blog. (Yes Google will trace it to you and penalize all blogs in your account be it spam or legitimate hard work of a blog)
  • Don't stuff your blog with keywords your targeting (hiding keywords and using the same font color as your background is totally lame I'd probably slap you myself)

These are totally basic stuff and I'm sure there's a lot more you can do to to help your site traffic or damage it totally. I had to see this happen for myself and believe me when your hits start to drop and you're nowhere to be found on Google Searches your heart will literally break and you start pulling all your hair out.

So now I'm off to write Google a Site Reconsideration and pray to the God of tech that they like all the adjustments I made. Thanks to all our direct traffic readers and linkers for keeping us afloat.

Posted by Jab Escutin
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LA Wolfe said...

You wrote in your article, "So let this be a lesson to all you bloggers out there that need all the hits they can get, do not and I mean under any circumstances DO NOT go against Google's Webmaster Guidelines."

AMEN! Thank you for stating the simple truth -- I agree 100% with you. A great way to fine tune your site is to create a free Google Webmaster account - the reports come straight form Google and include information about how Google sees your site, crawl errors, and even will report bad links, duplicate HTML, and many other wonderful things (including if your site is being dinged for page speed performance.)

Google Analytics is also free and allows you to see who is using your site - right down to city, browser type, mobile, etc.

Because Google offers great free tools and clear information about what they want, you are right on the money to advise newbies to simply stick to the rules!

Jab said...

@LA Wolfe - thanks! Very much appreciated!