Hello Kitty Luxury Bottled Water Can Pay For A Whole Month's Water Bill

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hello Kitty Luxury Bottled Water

I'm sure everybody already knows that luxury water a.k.a. too damn expensive plain old bottled water exists in many forms, but the latest of which probably takes out the competition in style. Sanrio is producing Hello Kitty Luxury water with a mind blowing price of USD 100.00 per bottle yup you read it right that's 1-0-0 dollars a pop for every elegantly designed bottle of Hello Kitty Luxury Water. I'm not even sure how many ml's every bottle has or if the shiny stuff on it is actually some kind of jewel but for that price I'd already be funding a swimming pool. I'm sure all the filthy rich kids out there would love to spend daddy's millions to complete all five colors which by the way has it's own meaning. Too bad the source didn't have any links on where to buy one just in case you want to waste away hard earned cash but we do have one more shot after the break if you're into stupidly expensive stuff.

Hello Kitty Luxury Bottled Water

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: HelloKittyHell