John Stewart Stormtrooper Action Figure Will Be The Greatest Star Wars Collectible Ever!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

John Stewart Stormtrooper Action Figure
I've always been a fan of "The Daily Show With John Stewart" there's just something about the news and a little bit of sarcasm that entertains me. I also like Star Wars, but not to the point I know every little detail about it. Let's just say I was also entertained by lightsabers and the idea of flinging things around with your mind. So I'm very happy when I heard about John Stewart's custom Stormtrooper Action Figure, too bad it's the only one made and the real John Stewart has it. It comes with three interchangeable heads, one with the shaved face another with the beard and of course the stormtrooper helmet. Now I'm no expert at predicting prices of collectibles but I'm pretty sure this thing would probably worth a lot more in a couple of years, knowing that the richest guys in the world are geeks that are obsessed with completing Star Wars Stuff. Check the break to see it up close.

John Stewart Stormtrooper Action FigureJohn Stewart Stormtrooper Action Figure

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: CrunchGear