Hungry? Eat An Apple iPod Touch 4 Unboxing For Dinner

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Apple iPod Touch 4 Unboxing

The iPod Touch 4 isn't so easy to get at the time of this posting, maybe because a lot of people just can't wait to get their hands on the newest and seemingly greatest hardware update to Apple's best selling iOS device. So after a lot of walking around malls just to ask retailers and Apple Stores if they have it available I still haven't found a retailer willing to sell me an iPod Touch 4 mainly because the limited stocks they have were reserved for customers who called in or made a reservation weeks before I came through the door. Luckily fatigue and frustration wasn't enough to stop me from grabbing the iPod Touch 4 2010 as soon as possible so I did what any reasonable gadget geek would do, I called every freakin' Apple Store in Metro Manila and thanks to the guys over at iStudio Shangri-La Edsa I finally got my hands on Apple's iPod Touch 4 2010. Check out my initial impressions and dinner plate unboxing after the break.

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Apple iPod Touch 4 2010 UnboxingApple iPod Touch 4 2010 Unboxing

The first thing you'll notice with Apple's iPod Touch 4 2010 is how thin it is compared to it's older versions specially when you think about the front and back camera they added to the small form factor. I knew they'd find a way to cram more stuff into that wafer like form. The back part looks like a brand new design if you only consider the 2nd and 3rd generation of the iPod Touch but looking at it more closely reminds me of the 1st generation iPod Touches but with a little more curves on the side. The transparent plastic box has some minor changes too curves rather than the straight edges on each side which is a good thing when you want to identify the 4th generation iPod Touch's with older versions. As always you get the small manual, stickers, dock connector and earphones in the box.

Apple iPod Touch 4 2010 UnboxingApple iPod Touch 4 2010 Unboxing

Apple iPod Touch 4 2010 Unboxing

I also noticed a slight variation to the way they wrap the iPod Touch 4 inside the packaging. The older models had the plastic seal only on top and protecting the glass part of the iPod Touch but now it seems to wrap around the device with a white strip of plastic on the back to start unwrapping it. I'm not really sure why Apple decided to go with this but whatever gets it done right?

Apple iPod Touch 4 2010 UnboxingApple iPod Touch 4 2010 Unboxing

Apple finally put in some speakers we can see not like the old iPod Touch's where you had to guess where the sound was coming from (yeah we know it was somewhere in the dock connector) it's so small you can hardly see it but it's still a welcome addition in my opinion. It kinda looks like the ones on the iPad except this is smaller a LOT smaller. The volume buttons are now separated and really feel like buttons rather than the flat ones on older versions. It's much easier to press now, not that we had any trouble with the flat ones.

Apple iPod Touch 4 2010 UnboxingApple iPod Touch 4 2010 Unboxing

The rear camera looks exactly like the ones on the iPhone 2G, sadly the resolution on it is basically the same too and contrary to the cases that leaked the supposed camera on the 3rd generation iPod Touch the camera is on the left side (facing you) rather than at the center. According to the reports it's about 0.7MP, yeah you read it right it's not even 1MP but it's still good enough to take photos to upload to your favorite social network. Think of it as a camera for impromptu situations. I'd love to post sample shots but that's for another post. The little hole you see on the side is the mic for FaceTime and video recording. The sleep button is the same as the volume buttons which also feels easier to press.

All in all my first impression of Apple's iPod Touch 4 2010 is a good one. With sleek lines and cameras on the front and back it's really how the iPod Touch should've been in the first place. Now I can't wait to test FaceTime and iMovie on it. So check back to see a full on review after I get comfy using Apple's greatest iPod Touch to date.

Posted by Jab Escutin
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