Update: World of Warcraft Action Figure Series 8 Sneak Peek - New Class And Races!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Warcraft Action Figure Series 8 Preview

DC Unltd's World of Warcraft Action Figures seem to get better and better with each new series and series 8 is no exception as we have whole new classes and races coming into action figure form. If you check on DC Unltd's World of Warcraft Action Figure Site as of this posting they have series 8 listed but no images yet. I'm sure they're working real hard to bring us great images of the new figures. World of Warcraft Action Figure series 8 will have a 2-pack figure featuring the Gnome Rogue: Brink Spannercrank Vs. K Miner: Snaggle which is pictured above. It will also have the Argent Nemesis: The Black Knight which we have pictured after the break. I really can't wait to get my hands on these guys too but unfortunately we have a long way to go as these guys are set to be released around May 2011 plus the usual delays so I'm guessing it would be a while before we see this anywhere near a retailer. We're still waiting for Series 6 to grace us with their presence and we're already losing our minds over series 8! Not to mention Premium Series 4 and Starcraft!

While you're in the mood for Warcraft Action Figures, why not check out our latest review of each figure to date.

Warcraft Action Figure Series 8

Warcraft Action Figure Series 8

World of Warcraft Action Figure Series 8 Sneak Peek - New Class And Races!

The DC Unltd's Warcraft Action Figure site also lists the Forsaken Priestess: Confessor Dhalia on this set but right now we really can't find any decent image, so if you guys know where to find one please hit it up at the comments. We promise to give you all the credit.

Thanks to JusticeBlade of PTK Forums for the heads up! We would've missed this if you didn't tip us off!

Update: added image of the whole set with Forsaken Priestess: Confessor Dhalia, it's kind of low res but it's the best one we can find. Thanks to ElrithCC!

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: Figures.com and DC Unltd


vimmryan said...

Cool, I can't wait for the Gnome Rogue vs. Kobold Miner.

Jab said...

@vimmryan - the Gnome looks great but I'm looking forward to the Black Knight. That guy's got badass written all over him!

JusticeBlade said...
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JusticeBlade said...

Nice review Jab.. Can't wait also for the Series 6 and also the Premium Series 4.. =


Jab said...

@JusticeBlade - thanks! I'm still waiting for series 6 to pop up on a local retailer. I'm thinking Datablitz will get it first.

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec, where is candle!?! Someone take candle!

Anonymous said...

a lot of stores are selling fake wow action figures..what local stores can you suggest for genuine ones?


Jab said...

@anonymous - I usually get my figures from shops like Datablitz, Comic Quest and Planet X. It's really sad that a lot of fake figures are popping up so if you want to be sure just buy your figures from these shops and you'll be fine.

kdavidterry said...

Does anyone know when these come out for sure?

Check out my website with loads of photos http://www.wix.com/kdavidterry/wow-figure-collection.