Android Collectible Figure Vampire - Old School Vamps Just The Way We Like 'em

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Android Collectible Figure Vampire

Android Collectible Figures have been around for quite sometime now and I would've bought a dozen or so of it if I just had enough dough. Now it seems like my financially challenged heart will again shed a tear as I look at this Vampire Collectible Android Figure makes it's way around the net. The reason I love it so much is he looks more like the old school vampires we've come to love and not the shiny skinned teenage ones we see nowadays. I'm sure he'd suck on a hormonally imbalanced teen rather than fall in love with her and because of that we love this figure so much! It's supposed to be selling for USD 10.00 of your hard earned cash but the product page seems to be down as of this post. We even have a couple more angled shots after the break if you want to take a peak.

Android Collectible Figure Vampire

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: NerdApproved