Angry Birds Plush Toys - So You Can Throw Them Yourself

Monday, October 11, 2010

Angry Birds Plush Toys

I've tried playing Angry Birds a couple of times just to see what all the fuss was about and honestly I can still say I'm still more of a Plants Vs Zombies kind of guy. Maybe I just can't help seeing those cute little birds slamming into stuff or I may just be too dumb to figure out trajectories, whatever that is. But like every game that has a solid fan base it will eventually find it's way out of the game and into real world stuff like the image you see above. Yes my friends Angry Birds will have it's official Plush Toys soon. They say the plush toys will be available before Christmas and there's also talk about them being available as in app purchases for the iPhone and iPad versions of the game. I think the only reason to buy Angry Birds Plush Toys is to hurl them onto your walls or your innocent little sister sitting in front of the TV.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: TechCrunch