Evangelion Rey Ayanami USB Thumb Drive - Very Cute Very Expensive

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Evangelion Rey Ayanami USB Drive

Neon Genesis Evangelion is such a successful anime that hordes and hordes of merchandise are made in it's image. Like this Rey Ayanami USB Drive that apparently holds 4GB of your data which would probably be ripped versions of the Evangelion anime so you can take them with you anywhere you'd want to go. Assuming you have somewhere to watch them that is. Like everything that's cute and coming from Japan this drive will cost you around PHP 3,200 of your hard earned sweat and blood. I know it's expensive but I'm sure the cute blue hair would more than make up for that. Since we don't have any cash lying around we just look at the images we have after the break.

Evangelion Rey Ayanami USB DriveEvangelion Rey Ayanami USB Drive

Evangelion Rey Ayanami USB Drive

Posted by Jab Escutin
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