Watch I Am Number Four Trailer And Think About Jedi Powers

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Watch I Am Number Four Trailer

Here's another sci-fi flick that seems to have Star Wars influenced powers all over it. From what I can make out of the trailer "I Am Number Four" is about a guy with somewhat Jedi-like powers that's being tagged as number 4 on some kind of most wanted list. The guy even said at the beginning that there's supposed to be 9 of them all in all and the first three already got busted while hiding around the world and now he's next on the list. So why the hell do they need to do it one by one in sequence in the first place and not just go for the closest damn guy they find? The guy doesn't seem to know he has powers in the first place so I'm thinking he lost his memory somewhere along the way but ends up learning to use it in sticky situations probably to add drama to the plot. All in all it looks like an interesting movie but I'm still going to wait for trailer 2 before I decide that it's a must watch so for now go ahead and check the break to see it for yourself.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: YouTube