GLEE Season 2 Episode 2 – BRITNEY/BRITTANY Brittany S. Pierce and Britney Spears - A Total Dance Showdown!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Glee Season 2 Ep. 2 Review
What’s up Gleeks! Another episode of Glee, that I’m sure rocked our houses down! Just imagine, Britney Spears, flooding the minds of our dear New Directions members! And she was actually there too! And in a cheerleading outfit too!
My my! Need I say more? It was one hot and hell-of-a show! Check out this review for some juicy bits!


Starting off, the whole group was planning for the number they’ll be doing for the homecoming program. Mr. Schue was trying to make them sing a whole bunch of the oldies. Good ones though, by Christopher Cross (taking his word for it!). And there goes our lovely and sometimes not-in-there Brittany, blurting out enthusiastically that Christopher Cross is the one who discovered America. Oh Brit, you never fail to make me smile! Then Kurt stood up and made a very inviting argument to sing Britney Spears songs as she is a real epitome of pop culture. Being the “uptight” Mr. Schue, of course he said no. and Brit backed it up by saying that it was hard for her growing up with the same name as Britney Spears, as her real name is Brittany S. Pierce. Man! What an awful coincidence!

Meanwhile, I’ve missed Emma so much and her preppy outfits that I was really clapping when I saw her again. But wait, it seems that something is missing. She doesn’t have that sparkle in her eyes anymore, whenever she looks at Mr. Schue! And the reason why? Well, she’s currently dating the sexiest school dentist, John Stamos as Dr. Carl! Whoo! If all dentists were like him, I’d probably be there for him almost everyday. Well, his role was to give a little bit of a hard time for Schue and Emma’s love affair to blossom. Emma seemed to be in love with Dr. Carl. I love it when I see the sparkle in her eyes. Very real and grounded. There are only a few actresses who can really do that.

Now, just in the same time as the homecoming, the sexy dentist gave the group a cavity check. Brit was on the top list. But it was surprising that Rachel came in at a close second place. So the kids now were asked to visit the sexy dentist and have their teeth closely. Brit was the first one of course and she had the worst case ever. Sexy dentist gave her an anesthesia to relieve her of some pain. Now that’s where the Britney visions start. In her sleep, she started moving to Britney’s dances in her music videos.

I should say that Brittany, or Heather Morris, danced so gracefully. And just like Artie in the first season, Brit deserved this break too! She was so hot when she danced! It was good to see her talent, especially when she danced with the snake! Britney still achieved that level of sex appeal that was a little too hot to handle. But Heather still did an awesome job and she totally gets my vote!

As Brit went back and told her Britney vision to the group, Santana immediately went second and the two shared Britney and Madonna’s video “Me Against The Music.” Both were very sexy, but I still root for Heather’s dancing. It is already given that Naya Rivera or “Santana,” has that sex appeal which she didn’t fail to execute in this music video.

Back in the Glee room, they share their experiences to the group which strengthens Kurt’s argument on singing Britney Spears songs rather than Christopher Cross. But Mr. Schue’s morals and “uptightness” still overpowered them all. Meanwhile, Emma further confirmed that Schue was really uptight and also that she is dating the sexy dentist! Schue’s jaw dropped and the urge on winning her back was just pushing him. Now, to get her attention and to prove to her that he’s more worthy of her love, Schue brought Emma with him when he bought a new car. He was letting himself out and Emma was the very first one to see it. But lo and behold! Terry, yes the creepy ex, stood there and stopped them. Not the romantic ending that we were all hoping for.

Now back in the sexy dentist’s clinic, a few other students tried the hit-making fantasy. First was Artie, who sang “Stronger,” pertaining to his break up with Tina. The real Britney was there, wearing a cheerios uniform, telling Tina what a loser she is for dumping Artie. This was another memorable scene, Artie being carried in his wheelchair by the other football players. His determination to become one of the players still lingered subconsciously. Which later on materialized when Coach Beiste allowed him to practice with the team. Now, it was Rachel’s turn in the chair. And her song? What would be better than “Baby One More Time?” Her preppy school aura and attitude fit perfectly in this Britney classic. She bust some moves too and she did pretty well.

Now did Schue finally give in? After loosening his screws and had a talk with the sexy dentist on leaving Emma alone, yes, he finally gave in. But on one condition though which was that he performed with them! The whole group was surprised but they still did it anyway. Sue, as a spectator, was a vigilante too and asked her trusty assistant to be on the lookout for kids who will go berserk on the Britney number. I’m truly happy that they kept Beck Jackson as Sue’s assistant. This should be the way to go in the future. Even the diabolical Sue has a warm part in her heart.

Going back to the homecoming program. As New Directions started to sing and dance, people were thumping to the beat. And when Mr. Schue came out, the girls screamed. This triggered to the kids going gaga over the Britney song and as the group was finishing their number, Sue pulled the fire alarm that lead to a friggin’ stampede! Mr. Schue was already in his moment, achieving his pose and hoping that Emma would notice him again. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

The group met again in the room, all gloomy and disappointed. Rachel stood up and insisted on singing a personal pick which she dedicated to, none other than, Finn. She ended the episode with Paramore’s “The Only Exception.” As she sang, there were glimpses on how the characters resolved their issues. The song was nice and with Lea Michele’s powerful voice, she totally nailed it! I was kind of hoping though for a much stronger finish, maybe a song from Britney too. I didn’t like the ending that much, probably because I was hoping for something bigger. But anyway, there are a lot more episodes to look forward too!

So ‘till the next time here on GeekPinoy’s rewind and review of Glee, Season 2!

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