GLEE Season 2 Episode 3 – GRILLED CHEESUS

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GLEE Season 2 Episode 3 – GRILLED CHEESUS

What if God was really one of us?

“… You should believe in something. Something you don’t see, feel or taste. You shouldn’t feel alone…” - Mercedes to Kurt, in the church.

This episode was a total tearjerker. I was fighting with all might not shed a tear. But I failed. And so I just let it flow. The episode was full packed but it had sense and could talk out some sense into people. Very inspiring, spiritual and encouraging. Where I’m from, the separation of church and state is clearly undefined and borders have been crossed so many times. And this episode is very timely to the current issues that we have. Believing is something innate. Something you can never force or impose.

Come and join this journey of reviewing this Glee episode!


Professing one’s faith is never easy. More so if you’re a teenager and going through puberty. All those issues, morals and restrictions could sometimes be over the top. Heck, adults even have a hard time explaining! But this show clearly tackles the major concerns, issues and stories of a teenager.

Anyway, Finn sure did look very cute in this picture, right? So on this intriguing show. I could safely say now that this show is very versatile, showing different sensitive aspects of life without any hesitation. Religion is one tough issue and causes debates in the world. But in this episode, I actually enjoyed their presentation of beliefs without criticizing the other.

GLEE Season 2 Episode 3 – GRILLED CHEESUS
This episode is a real tear jerker. While the other members of New Directions were up to singing songs of praise, Kurt highly disagreed. He was firm that he didn’t believe in God and no one can ever force him to. One twist though was when his dad had a heart attack and now on coma. He had some flashbacks with this very cute and interesting child, Kurt’s “mini-me.” Everyone was surprised when they saw this kid, playing as Kurt when he was little. It was all sentimental, with Kurt singing in the background. His fellow glee members were all trying to comfort him by praying for his dad. But Kurt’s heart was hard as a rock and told them that despite their prayers, his dad is still in the same condition.

Meanwhile, Finn was in a dilemma of his own. When he toasted his bread, he saw a vision of Jesus Christ on the bread. And now, his faith has just suddenly become stronger. Praying to Jesus and asking Him for some requests. Coincidently, his wishes came true which of course strengthened his faith some more. First, he was back in the football team as the quarterback, as Sam (the newcomer) was injured. Second, he achieved second base with Rachel. Maybe all of us really want something concrete in order for us to believe. Unfortunately, Emma popped his bubble and told him blatantly that God didn’t really make everything work for him. Finn’s spirit was ruined, making him eat the part of the bread with Jesus’ face.

GLEE Season 2 Episode 3 – GRILLED CHEESUS
Now, Mercedes invited Kurt to go to their church with her. Mercedes offered a prayer and a song for Kurt and make the whole church sing with her in praise. Kurt was somehow thankful. Although his heart was still in a different place. A place which he truly believed in – his relationship with his father. That to him was the most important thing in his life.

GLEE Season 2 Episode 3 – GRILLED CHEESUS

The episode ended with New Directions singing Joan Osborne’s “One of Us.” Another superb performance by the group and very emotional too. Sue was even there and told Schue that this time she won’t report them to the Principal. Sue was very prompt in reporting them to the principal the first time they planned to sing a gospel song. Her argument was that the school is a public school that does not focus on religion. But the story behind her anger was that…. Remember her older sister? Well, Sue used to pray a lot and she really loves her sister. But the sister still ended up with a down syndrome. Upon deep realization, with her beloved sister of course, Sue finally just let heart out and let the group sing, enjoying the beautiful meaning of the song.

This was another very interesting episode, Gleeks! However, I still want to see more of Sunshine Corazon though. Oh well… maybe next episode. ‘Till then!

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