Multi Layer Super Hero Cake - Just In Time For Your 60th Geek Birthday Bash!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Multi Layer Super Hero Cake

Cakes are probably the best thing when it comes to kiddie parties. It's basically the only thing that dictates the theme of the party be it for a little boy or girl. In this case however it's probably best to assume that it's for a big fat comic book geek that's living in his parent's basement. I guess whoever made this cake thinks Batman is the best of all the heroes man has ever created. The other heroes didn't even stand a chance err... should I say other parts of the body. Batman's so awesome he's the only one with a torso. I'd go ahead and eat this in a heart beat, but I heard too much sweets would kill you.

Posted by Jab Escutin
Source: GreatWhiteSnark


Vic said...

Wow. That's one fantastic cake. I also love Batman because he is a billionaire. Though he don't have the super powers, he have a super intelligence. The only thing I don't want from him is hi disability to fly naturally as a bat (without any gadget).

Jab said...

@vic - I aggree! Mad skills beat super powers any day!